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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the planet Wanda described?
(a) Cloudy.
(b) Sunny.
(c) Sunless.
(d) Rainy.

2. Devers tells Riose one of the soldiers was killed when the technological gadget he was holding did what?
(a) Was used.
(b) Exploded.
(c) Went off.
(d) Flashed.

3. How do Devers and Barr try to get an audience with Cleon II?
(a) By pretending to be members of the military.
(b) By sneaking in.
(c) By bribing.
(d) By giving someone a message.

4. Barr says that he will ______ Devers.
(a) Share with.
(b) Work for.
(c) Conspire with.
(d) Guard.

5. What is the name of the Foundation Mayor that Captain Pritcher goes to see?
(a) Indbur the Fourth.
(b) Indbur the Third.
(c) Indbur the Fifth.
(d) Indbur the Second.

6. Who tells Devers that Bodrig will be questioning him?
(a) Sergeant Lumicen.
(b) Sergeant Lugh.
(c) Sergeant Luk.
(d) Sergeant Lumar.

7. Barr is worried that Riose might do what to his family after his escape?
(a) Capture them.
(b) Execute them.
(c) Torture them.
(d) Relocate them.

8. What is behind Seldon's predictions?
(a) Science.
(b) Philosophy.
(c) Math.
(d) Magic.

9. Bel Riose asks Ducem Barr about what type of people?
(a) Makers.
(b) Magicians.
(c) Traders.
(d) Sorcerers.

10. How many ships of Riose's were captured by the Foundation?
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) One.
(d) Four.

11. After Devers and Barr have been held for six months, who does Riose tell them is second in command?
(a) Bodrig.
(b) Sergeant Lugh.
(c) Sergeant Luk.
(d) Riose, because Bodrig is now the commander.

12. Hari Seldon foresaw the fall of what?
(a) Magic.
(b) Taront.
(c) The Empire.
(d) Slavery.

13. People are standing around, waiting for Cleon II to do what?
(a) Die.
(b) Render decisions.
(c) Choose a wife.
(d) Pick an heir.

14. What piece of jewelry does Devers have that works as a field distorter?
(a) A necklace.
(b) A ring.
(c) A bracelet.
(d) An earring.

15. Where do Devers and Barr go after hitting Riose?
(a) Devers' ship.
(b) Away from the jail.
(c) To steal money to help them get away.
(d) An Empire ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bel Riose establish on Wanda?

2. What kind of explosives does Riose not carry?

3. What kind of potions does Ducem Barr have?

4. How many inhabitants are on Trantor?

5. During their first encounter, Devers tells Riose that he thought the Federation was what?

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