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Short Answer Questions

1. The weather is a part of ________________________.

2. What does Trevize warn Pelorat about experiencing Gaia?

3. Why does Bliss need more sleep than usual?

4. What is the weather like as Trevize prepares to leave?

5. How does Bliss react to Trevize having sex with the minister?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kinds of plants and animals did the early space travelers introduce onto Aurora?

2. What does the choice of clothing of people on Comporellon show about human nature?

3. What possible reason does Trevize think the sensors might not detect life on the entry stations to Aurora, if there were someone guarding the planet?

4. Why does Bliss think marriage is unnecessary for Gaians?

5. What are some differences between animal life in the galaxy as Trevize knows it and animals on Earth today?

6. By trying to manipulate the border official, what is Trevize prioritizing above the law of society?

7. Why might the showers on Comporellon be colder than showers Trevize is used to?

8. What game does Pelorat tell Trevize about?

9. Who picks up the three travelers when they land on Comporellon?

10. What does Trevize want to prove during his sexual encounter with the government minister?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Gaia and Solaria. Both have gone to opposite extremes. In Gaia, all mankind and nature has joined together. In Solaria, each human separates himself from other humans and from the natural environment, living in a robot-built estate underground. However, in both Gaia and Solaria, peace is achieved through a lack of conflict. Compare the different values that the societies exhibit, and how they attempt to resolve the conflict between the individual and the society. After the attempt, do these cultures still contain "individuals"? Do they still contain "societies"? Is one possible without the other?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the power of the individual versus the power of the group in the novel.

1) Is Daneel more powerful than Gaia because he is a truly single entity, not a group consciousness?

2) What advantages does Trevize's individuality give him over groups? What disadvantages does he have as a single individual?

3) What are the disadvantages of governments and ruling groups in the novel? What are their advantages?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the genre of the novel.

1) What aspects of the novel make it science fiction? What science is important to the novel?

2) What aspects of the mystery genre does this novel have? What is the mystery at the heart of the novel?

3) In what ways does Trevize act as a detective? What is the "twist" at the end of the novel?

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