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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the second difference Trevize notes between the planet and other planets?
(a) It is covered in desert.
(b) It has two suns.
(c) It has an elongated orbit.
(d) It is surrounded by pink clouds.

2. Why does Pelorat suggest ending the mission?
(a) He believes Earth doesn't exist.
(b) He believes Earth has no information to give them.
(c) He believes Earth has been destroyed.
(d) He believes Earth is radioactive.

3. What does Hiroko confess to Trevize?
(a) She has hidden her knowledge of the location of Earth from him.
(b) She has fallen in love with Trevize and wants to leave with him.
(c) She knows the men will sneak in to kill the travelers during the night.
(d) She has infected him with a virus as a biological weapon.

4. What begins growing on Pelorat?
(a) ivy
(b) mold
(c) fungus
(d) moss

5. What does Fallom try to do with the computer?
(a) tell it to return to Gaia
(b) tell it to take her home
(c) tell it to use all available data to create a theory of Earth's location
(d) tell it to examine the radioactive planet for signs it might not be Earth

Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason does Bliss say she might harm Trevize?

2. What does Pelorat compare Trevize's exploration of three planets to?

3. Where does Trevize think the secret of Earth is?

4. What leads Bliss to Fallom?

5. Who comes up with a theory on the location of Earth, based on the locations of the fifty Spacer worlds?

Short Essay Questions

1. What aspects of the environment on New Earth affect the people's culture?

2. Why is Bliss annoyed with Trevize for setting off the computer's alarm?

3. Why can't Fallom accompany the travelers onto the planet?

4. What reasons does Hiroko give for having sex with Trevize?

5. What does Trevize wish he could do when he finds the Earth is radioactive?

6. What does Pelorat promise Fallom if Fallom will lead the travelers out of Bander's estate?

7. What reason does Pelorat think Bliss has for taking Fallom with them?

8. What is Trevize's reasoning for continuing to search for information about Earth, now that he's found the planet and sees that it's radioactive?

9. How does Trevize feel about Fallom?

10. What criticism does Trevize have of the Solarian society?

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