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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bliss reveal to Trevize?
(a) Parts of Gaia exist on every known planet and star.
(b) Bliss secretly wants to leave Gaia.
(c) Parts of Gaia exist throughout the galaxy.
(d) Bliss secretly disconnects from Gaia.

2. What support does Pelorat have for his idea?
(a) He and Bliss found a robot in the ruins.
(b) He and Bliss found a computer in the ruins.
(c) He and Bliss found some writings in the ruins.
(d) He and Bliss found skeletal remains in the ruins.

3. What do people on Comporellon call Earth?
(a) The Center
(b) The Origin
(c) The Trap
(d) The Oldest

4. Why does Trevize wonder if he should worry about his safety?
(a) He is on his way to vote against Gaia.
(b) He wants to vote for Gaia against popular opinion.
(c) He is trying to find out who is really behind Gaia.
(d) He's trying to find out if his support of Gaia was wrong.

5. Does the minister believe that Trevize will return?
(a) No, she believes this is the last time she'll see him.
(b) No, but she plans to go meet him on another world.
(c) Yes, she believes he'll return to give her progress reports.
(d) Yes, she believes he'll return after finding Earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Trevize say he will return to have sex with the minister?

2. After their experience on Aurora, what does Trevize offer Bliss?

3. Where are the oldest records of Gaia stored?

4. What is Bliss's reaction to Trevize arming himself to disembark on the second unknown planet?

5. After Trevize and his crew land, why does Trevize think they've been picked up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Trevize admits Gaia's peacefulness, but he still dislikes it. What does he value that he's afraid of losing to Gaia?

2. Why won't Bliss use her mental powers to help Trevize keep the Far Star?

3. By allowing Trevize to land, what is the border official prioritizing above the law of society?

4. What are some differences between animal life in the galaxy as Trevize knows it and animals on Earth today?

5. What kinds of plants and animals did the early space travelers introduce onto Aurora?

6. Why would a Gaian naturally value truth?

7. Why does Bliss think marriage is unnecessary for Gaians?

8. At the beginning of the novel, what former decision does Trevize question?

9. How long has it been since there has been war in the galaxy?

10. What is Trevize's initial objection to his friend accompanying him on his search?

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