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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Bander referred to as "it"?
(a) Bander is a robot.
(b) Trevize insults Bander by calling him "it."
(c) Bander will not reveal his or her gender.
(d) Bander is part male and part female.

2. What does Fallom try to do with the computer?
(a) tell it to take her home
(b) tell it to return to Gaia
(c) tell it to examine the radioactive planet for signs it might not be Earth
(d) tell it to use all available data to create a theory of Earth's location

3. Why does Trevize tell Bliss that she is responsible for the child?
(a) because she killed the child's parent
(b) because the child has bonded with her
(c) because she brought it on board
(d) because she is a woman

4. What does Hiroko give Fallom?
(a) a mask
(b) a costume
(c) a flute
(d) a lyre

5. Why does Trevize want to leave Bliss on the spaceship?
(a) to punish her
(b) because he is afraid she will make a mistake
(c) because he is too mad to work with her
(d) to watch after Fallom

6. How does Trevize know Bander is dead?
(a) The estate begins to slowly crumble.
(b) He is freed from the force that had stopped him from getting his weapons.
(c) He sees Bander's body.
(d) The power is gone from the estate.

7. Where does Trevize think the secret of Earth is?
(a) the sun
(b) the moon
(c) a nearby red planet
(d) a nearby gas giant

8. What does Bliss detect from the travelers' new destination?
(a) thought that seems neither human nor robot
(b) human thought
(c) thought that seems part human and part robot
(d) robot thought

9. What does Fallom say Bliss asked Trevize to do?
(a) wash Fallom
(b) show Fallom the bridge
(c) teach Fallom their language
(d) play with Fallom

10. Who does Fallom relate Daneel Olivaw to?
(a) Trevize
(b) Bander
(c) Jemby
(d) Bliss

11. Who is Fallom's companion?
(a) no one
(b) a dog
(c) a robot
(d) a plant

12. What pronoun does Bliss suggest using for Fallom?
(a) it
(b) they
(c) she
(d) he

13. Who comes up with a theory on the location of Earth, based on the locations of the fifty Spacer worlds?
(a) Fallom
(b) Trevize
(c) Bliss
(d) Pelorat

14. Why does Pelorat suggest ending the mission?
(a) He believes Earth has been destroyed.
(b) He believes Earth doesn't exist.
(c) He believes Earth has no information to give them.
(d) He believes Earth is radioactive.

15. What is the surface of Alpha like?
(a) It is rocky and mountainous.
(b) It is covered in ice.
(c) It is covered in sand.
(d) It is covered in water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first building Trevize and Pelorat find on the planet?

2. Who does Bander say attacked Earth?

3. Where does Travize ask Fallom to take them?

4. What is the first difference Trevize notes between their next destination planet and the ones they've visited?

5. What allows the Solarians to live in isolation?

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