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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fallom compare touching the computer to?
(a) touching a robot
(b) going out of the estate for the first time
(c) the few times Fallom met Bander
(d) Trevize's quest for Earth

2. How does Trevize know Bander is dead?
(a) He sees Bander's body.
(b) The power is gone from the estate.
(c) He is freed from the force that had stopped him from getting his weapons.
(d) The estate begins to slowly crumble.

3. How does Hiroko dress?
(a) in a short dress
(b) in no clothing
(c) in a body suit
(d) in light clothing and no top

4. Who does Bander say attacked Earth?
(a) unknown aliens
(b) Spacers who had colonized other planets
(c) factions of Earth people living on the moon
(d) robots

5. What does Fallom say Bliss asked Trevize to do?
(a) teach Fallom their language
(b) wash Fallom
(c) show Fallom the bridge
(d) play with Fallom

6. Who is Fallom's companion?
(a) a plant
(b) a robot
(c) no one
(d) a dog

7. Is the planet Trevize correct in suspecting that Earth is radioactive?
(a) Yes, but the radioactivity is slight and fading.
(b) No, it shows no signs of radioactivity.
(c) No, but it shows signs of recent radioactivity.
(d) Yes, it is radioactive.

8. How do Solarians seek freedom?
(a) by having no government
(b) by traveling to far-off planets
(c) by living completely alone
(d) by eliminating robots

9. What allows the Solarians to live in isolation?
(a) a system of underground rivers
(b) telepathy
(c) robots
(d) the large size of their planet

10. What do the travelers think people of Solaria and New Earth are most concerned with?
(a) taking over other cultures
(b) keeping enough resources for themselves
(c) protecting their ways of life
(d) irradicating competing cultures

11. Why does Trevize tell Bliss that she is responsible for the child?
(a) because the child has bonded with her
(b) because she is a woman
(c) because she brought it on board
(d) because she killed the child's parent

12. What does Hiroko give Fallom?
(a) a lyre
(b) a costume
(c) a flute
(d) a mask

13. How does Bliss kill Bander?
(a) She stops him from emitting power, accidentally causing an overload.
(b) She destroys his power system, without which he cannot survive.
(c) She turns off the power source to him, not knowing the power was keeping him alive.
(d) She takes over his mind, causing the robots to turn on him.

14. Why does Pelorat suggest ending the mission?
(a) He believes Earth has no information to give them.
(b) He believes Earth doesn't exist.
(c) He believes Earth is radioactive.
(d) He believes Earth has been destroyed.

15. Why is Fallom unhappy?
(a) Fallom wants to stay with Bliss.
(b) Fallom feels different from everyone else.
(c) Fallom feels Trevize dislikes her.
(d) Fallom wants to use the ship's computer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What genetic modification do the people of Alpha hope to make to their species?

2. What is the first difference Trevize notes between their next destination planet and the ones they've visited?

3. Where are most of the men of the island?

4. Who comes up with a theory on the location of Earth, based on the locations of the fifty Spacer worlds?

5. What does Trevize accidentally break off the statue?

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