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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Trevize say about Fallom's intelligence?
(a) She learns too quickly.
(b) He likes her for her quick-wittedness.
(c) She is slow because she is not used to being with people.
(d) He wants to speed up her lessons.

2. Who comes up with a theory on the location of Earth, based on the locations of the fifty Spacer worlds?
(a) Trevize
(b) Pelorat
(c) Bliss
(d) Fallom

3. According to Monolee, what two factions warred, leaving Earth radioactive?
(a) Earthers and Spacers
(b) Settlers and Spacers
(c) Settlers and Galactics
(d) Galactics and Earthers

4. What begins growing on Pelorat?
(a) fungus
(b) ivy
(c) moss
(d) mold

5. What is Bliss afraid of, if she reveals the truth about Bander's death?
(a) Fallom's reaction
(b) Pelorat's reaction
(c) being arrested
(d) Trevize's reaction

6. What allows the Solarians to live in isolation?
(a) robots
(b) the large size of their planet
(c) a system of underground rivers
(d) telepathy

7. What does Fallom say Bliss asked Trevize to do?
(a) play with Fallom
(b) show Fallom the bridge
(c) wash Fallom
(d) teach Fallom their language

8. What happens as the ship approaches the moon?
(a) The ship begins to rock madly in turbulence.
(b) The ship's controls are taken over, and the ship is landed.
(c) The people on the ship start to feel ill.
(d) The people on the ship lose consciousness.

9. Where does Trevize think the secret of Earth is?
(a) the moon
(b) a nearby red planet
(c) a nearby gas giant
(d) the sun

10. What does Hiroko think of Bliss' clothing?
(a) She thinks Bliss' clothing is beautiful.
(b) She thinks Bliss is shamefully showing too much of her body.
(c) She thinks Bliss is covering something ugly.
(d) She thinks Bliss' clothing is ugly.

11. Where does Travize ask Fallom to take them?
(a) to Bander's personal quarters
(b) to the control center of the estate
(c) out of the estate
(d) to the next nearest estate

12. What leads Bliss to Fallom?
(a) She can detect Fallom's fear.
(b) She can detect Fallom's thoughts.
(c) She can detect Fallom's anger.
(d) She can detect Fallom's joy.

13. What does Trevize accidentally break off the statue?
(a) its leg
(b) its sword
(c) its arm
(d) its head

14. Who is Fallom's companion?
(a) a robot
(b) a plant
(c) no one
(d) a dog

15. Why is Fallom unhappy?
(a) Fallom feels Trevize dislikes her.
(b) Fallom wants to stay with Bliss.
(c) Fallom feels different from everyone else.
(d) Fallom wants to use the ship's computer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first building Trevize and Pelorat find on the planet?

2. What does Fallom compare touching the computer to?

3. Why is Bander referred to as "it"?

4. How do Solarians discourage visitors?

5. How does Hiroko dress?

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