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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hiroko confess to Trevize?
(a) She has infected him with a virus as a biological weapon.
(b) She has hidden her knowledge of the location of Earth from him.
(c) She has fallen in love with Trevize and wants to leave with him.
(d) She knows the men will sneak in to kill the travelers during the night.

2. What does Pelorat compare Trevize's exploration of three planets to?
(a) three goddesses
(b) three wishes
(c) three brothers
(d) three monkeys

3. What happens as the ship approaches the moon?
(a) The ship begins to rock madly in turbulence.
(b) The people on the ship start to feel ill.
(c) The ship's controls are taken over, and the ship is landed.
(d) The people on the ship lose consciousness.

4. How does Trevize know Bander is dead?
(a) He is freed from the force that had stopped him from getting his weapons.
(b) He sees Bander's body.
(c) The power is gone from the estate.
(d) The estate begins to slowly crumble.

5. Where are most of the men of the island?
(a) on hunting expeditions
(b) living in caves
(c) on trading ships
(d) on fishing expeditions

6. Who does Bander say attacked Earth?
(a) unknown aliens
(b) factions of Earth people living on the moon
(c) Spacers who had colonized other planets
(d) robots

7. What alternative theory does Trevize present to suppose that Earth might not be radioactive?
(a) He suggests that Earth's radioactivity would have worn off by now.
(b) He suggests that Earth may have spread the story of radioactivity to protect itself from attack.
(c) He suggests that the story of radioactivity might be covering up a dangerous weapon hidden on Earth.
(d) He suggests the story of radioactivity is to keep people from searching for Earth.

8. What allows the Solarians to live in isolation?
(a) robots
(b) the large size of their planet
(c) telepathy
(d) a system of underground rivers

9. What does Fallom say Bliss asked Trevize to do?
(a) wash Fallom
(b) show Fallom the bridge
(c) play with Fallom
(d) teach Fallom their language

10. Who does Fallom relate Daneel Olivaw to?
(a) Jemby
(b) Trevize
(c) Bander
(d) Bliss

11. Why does Fallom want to touch the ship's computer?
(a) because it's not allowed
(b) because Fallom wants lessons
(c) because Fallom has intuited how to operate it
(d) because Fallom wants to sabotage it

12. Who comes up with a theory on the location of Earth, based on the locations of the fifty Spacer worlds?
(a) Pelorat
(b) Bliss
(c) Fallom
(d) Trevize

13. What does Trevize say about Fallom's intelligence?
(a) She learns too quickly.
(b) He likes her for her quick-wittedness.
(c) She is slow because she is not used to being with people.
(d) He wants to speed up her lessons.

14. According to Monolee, what two factions warred, leaving Earth radioactive?
(a) Settlers and Spacers
(b) Settlers and Galactics
(c) Earthers and Spacers
(d) Galactics and Earthers

15. What do Trevize and Pelorat use to kill the growth?
(a) water
(b) microwave radiation
(c) fire
(d) heat and ultraviolet light

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the people on the island react to the newcomers?

2. What is the surface of Alpha like?

3. What does Bliss detect from the travelers' new destination?

4. Why does Trevize tell Bliss that she is responsible for the child?

5. Why does Trevize want to leave Bliss on the spaceship?

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