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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Trevize look for as a landing spot?
(a) ruins
(b) a highway
(c) a plateau
(d) an open field

2. What does Bliss say is her purpose aboard the Far Star?
(a) She says she is the ship's engineer.
(b) She says she is a passenger.
(c) She says she is a paid companion.
(d) She says she is the ship's cook.

3. What does Pelorat ask Bliss as they approach the planet?
(a) Pelorat asks Bliss to marry him.
(b) Pelorat asks Bliss to hide their relationship.
(c) Pelorat asks Bliss to have his child.
(d) Pelorat asks Bliss to make their relationship public.

4. What is the minister's apartment like?
(a) It is luxurious and well-appointed.
(b) It is spartan and severe.
(c) It is a single room with no furnishings.
(d) It is small but tasteful.

5. What is Bliss's reaction to Trevize arming himself to disembark on the second unknown planet?
(a) Bliss is afraid Trevize might hurt her.
(b) Bliss does not object.
(c) Bliss wants weapons for herself.
(d) Bliss thinks it's unnecessary.

6. Who does Pelorat believe settled the planet?
(a) the first wave of settlers from Earth
(b) malcontents from early Earth settlements
(c) a religious organization looking to create a Garden of Eden
(d) a group of sentient robots

7. What does the government offer Trevize?
(a) a chance to make bail
(b) a different ship
(c) a chance to leave, without his friends
(d) immunity if he tells them what they want to know

8. What happened to Yariff's attempts to find Earth?
(a) He disappeared, and no one knows what happened.
(b) He failed to find Earth.
(c) He died before his attempt was complete.
(d) He found Earth, but refused to disclose its location.

9. What happens to Trevize, Bliss, and Pelorat when they land?
(a) They are welcomed with a banquet.
(b) They are taken into official custody.
(c) They are kidnapped by a criminal gang.
(d) They are put in holding in customs.

10. How did Yariff think he could find Earth?
(a) by a complex geometry of the stars
(b) by communion with nature
(c) by studying the ages of all the planets
(d) by documenting the genetics of settlers on different planets

11. What conclusion does Trevize come to from mapping their destination?
(a) It does not exist on their maps.
(b) It was destroyed long ago.
(c) It is in a physically impossible location.
(d) It is actually a well-known destination

12. What is the purpose of the entry stations?
(a) to maintain treaties with the bordering areas
(b) to record a census of ships entering the area
(c) to check that ships can legally enter the area
(d) to ransack the ships and confiscate valuable goods

13. What does Trevize tell Bliss and Pelorat not to do on the ship?
(a) have loud sex
(b) eat too much food
(c) talk to him
(d) bother him with minor problems

14. Why does Pelorat say thorns and thistles may be needed?
(a) to create variety
(b) to balance an eco-system
(c) to ward off predators
(d) to protect flowers and fruits

15. What animal approaches Trevize?
(a) a dog
(b) a mountain lion
(c) a bear
(d) a goat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bliss take off when she is searched?

2. What is at the ship's destination?

3. What does Trevise run to for protection?

4. What two weapons does Trevize take onto the planet?

5. Why do many Gaians gather for the takeoff?

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