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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bliss unable to retrieve?
(a) records more than fifteen-thousand-years old
(b) records of secret meetings of the council
(c) records between twelve and thirteen thousand years old
(d) records of myths about Earth

2. What does Trevize tell the officials about the Far Star?
(a) She will give wrong navigational information to anyone but Trevize.
(b) Her outter doors are impenetrable by anyone but Trevize.
(c) She is programmed only to respond to Trevize.
(d) She will explode if anyone improperly tries to board her.

3. What is Trevize's second attempt to convince the official to let him land?
(a) Trevize tries to bribe the official.
(b) Trevize threatens to go to the official's superiors.
(c) Trevize offers the official a sealed box, secreted on the ship.
(d) Trevize offers the official valuable fuel.

4. Why does Bliss need more sleep than usual?
(a) because of the stress of traveling in space
(b) because she's secretly pregnant
(c) because she's ill
(d) because she's a long distance from Gaia

5. What does Trevize tell the minister?
(a) He has a plan for them to remain lovers.
(b) He does not want to see her again.
(c) He will blackmail her for having the affair with him.
(d) He wants them to make their relationship public.

6. What is the entry official's name?
(a) Oskar
(b) Montecco
(c) Lintago
(d) Kendray

7. After their experience on Aurora, what does Trevize offer Bliss?
(a) money
(b) a permanent job on Far Star
(c) a way to leave Gaia
(d) his friendship

8. In the myth Pelorat relates, what causes thorns and thistles?
(a) cursed water
(b) cursed soil
(c) cursed seeds
(d) a protection spell

9. What does Trevize say empty planets like this have been used for?
(a) naval maneuvers
(b) survival training
(c) weapons testing
(d) prisons

10. What is the name of the official Trevize, Pelorat, and Bliss speak with?
(a) Santiga
(b) Lizalor
(c) Rellon
(d) Errigo

11. What does Trevize say would happen if news of Bliss' presence got out?
(a) Bliss' family would sue to get Bliss back.
(b) Pelorat would be in trouble with his wife.
(c) The ship could dangerously malfunction.
(d) Pelorat would be in trouble with Bliss' parents.

12. What does Trevize warn Pelorat about experiencing Gaia?
(a) Trevize is concerned that Pelorat will no longer understand his point of view.
(b) Trevize is afraid it is addictive and Pelorat might die.
(c) Trevize is concerned that Pelorat will go insane.
(d) Trevize is afraid it could permanently change Pelorat's behavior.

13. What is Bliss' view of breaking the law?
(a) She believes the law must be challenged for progress.
(b) She believes that only Gaians are above the law.
(c) She believes the law must be followed for the good of society.
(d) She believes that the spirit, not the letter, of the law must be followed.

14. What happened to Yariff's attempts to find Earth?
(a) He disappeared, and no one knows what happened.
(b) He failed to find Earth.
(c) He died before his attempt was complete.
(d) He found Earth, but refused to disclose its location.

15. Does the minister believe that Trevize will return?
(a) No, she believes this is the last time she'll see him.
(b) No, but she plans to go meet him on another world.
(c) Yes, she believes he'll return after finding Earth.
(d) Yes, she believes he'll return to give her progress reports.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bliss able to detect about the animal life on the planet?

2. What does the government offer Trevize?

3. What does Deniador seek before he will believe something?

4. What does Trevise run to for protection?

5. Why do many Gaians gather for the takeoff?

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