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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Yariff's attempts to find Earth?
(a) He disappeared, and no one knows what happened.
(b) He died before his attempt was complete.
(c) He found Earth, but refused to disclose its location.
(d) He failed to find Earth.

2. When the official let the crew land, was his action legal?
(a) Yes, the official had secret permission to let them land.
(b) No, but the official believes he will be excused.
(c) No, and he's afraid of being caught and punished.
(d) Yes, the official was only pretending they could not land to get a bribe.

3. Does the minister believe that Trevize will return?
(a) No, but she plans to go meet him on another world.
(b) No, she believes this is the last time she'll see him.
(c) Yes, she believes he'll return to give her progress reports.
(d) Yes, she believes he'll return after finding Earth.

4. What is Pelorat concerned about when Trevize reveals the story he told the entry point official?
(a) He is concerned that Trevize lies too much.
(b) He is concerned that the lie will be discovered by officials.
(c) He is concerned that the official didn't truly believe Trevize.
(d) He is concerned that Bliss will think he's married.

5. When the ship approaches the next planet, does Bliss sense human life?
(a) No, she senses no human life whatsoever
(b) Yes, but she's unsure whether it's only because she wants to find humans
(c) Yes, she senses a large human settlement
(d) No, but she believes she might be blocking any detection of humans

6. What does Bliss imagine it would be like to not be part of Gaia?
(a) alternatively sorrowful and joyful
(b) full of power
(c) free and confident
(d) isolated and alone

7. What is Bliss unable to retrieve?
(a) records more than fifteen-thousand-years old
(b) records of myths about Earth
(c) records between twelve and thirteen thousand years old
(d) records of secret meetings of the council

8. What support does Pelorat have for his idea?
(a) He and Bliss found skeletal remains in the ruins.
(b) He and Bliss found a robot in the ruins.
(c) He and Bliss found some writings in the ruins.
(d) He and Bliss found a computer in the ruins.

9. What does Trevize tell the officials about the Far Star?
(a) She will give wrong navigational information to anyone but Trevize.
(b) Her outter doors are impenetrable by anyone but Trevize.
(c) She will explode if anyone improperly tries to board her.
(d) She is programmed only to respond to Trevize.

10. What does Trevize want to search for?
(a) the oldest robot
(b) evidence of another alien race
(c) Gaian life
(d) Earth

11. What do the animals do when Trevize kills one of them?
(a) They back off but don't leave.
(b) Some of them leave, but most stay.
(c) They become more aggressive, as if they want revenge.
(d) They eat the fallen animal.

12. Who does Pelorat believe settled the planet?
(a) a group of sentient robots
(b) the first wave of settlers from Earth
(c) malcontents from early Earth settlements
(d) a religious organization looking to create a Garden of Eden

13. What do people on Comporellon call Earth?
(a) The Oldest
(b) The Trap
(c) The Origin
(d) The Center

14. What does Trevize think happened to the missing records?
(a) Bliss is hiding them from him.
(b) They were destroyed by a magnetic field.
(c) They degraded over time, showing the limitations of Gaian memory storage.
(d) Someone destroyed or removed them.

15. What happened to the first settlers, according to Deniador?
(a) They rebelled against their government.
(b) They died.
(c) They returned to Earth.
(d) They forgot their origins.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bliss's reaction to Trevize arming himself to disembark on the second unknown planet?

2. What happens to the memories of someone who dies on Gaia?

3. What is the weather like as Trevize prepares to leave?

4. What does Trevize tell Bliss and Pelorat not to do on the ship?

5. What does Trevize say empty planets like this have been used for?

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