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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pelorat say thorns and thistles may be needed?
(a) to ward off predators
(b) to create variety
(c) to protect flowers and fruits
(d) to balance an eco-system

2. When the official let the crew land, was his action legal?
(a) No, and he's afraid of being caught and punished.
(b) No, but the official believes he will be excused.
(c) Yes, the official was only pretending they could not land to get a bribe.
(d) Yes, the official had secret permission to let them land.

3. What happens to the memories of someone who dies on Gaia?
(a) The memories must be retrieved to be kept.
(b) The memories are distributed to others.
(c) The memories are immediately lost.
(d) The memories slowly fade away.

4. What does Bliss think of the story Trevize told the official?
(a) She thinks the official can't have believed him.
(b) She says Trevize is clever.
(c) She is outraged at the lie.
(d) She thinks it is funny.

5. What problem is there with Bliss entering Comporellon?
(a) Comporellon treats all Gaians as spies.
(b) Bliss has no official papers.
(c) Comporellon and Gaia are in a state of war.
(d) Bliss is wanted for a crime on Comporellon.

6. Who do Trevize, Pelorat, and Bliss first meet with on Comporellon?
(a) Minister of Transporation
(b) Minister of Foreign Relations
(c) Minister of Illicit Activities
(d) Minister of the Interior

7. What is Pelorat concerned about when Trevize reveals the story he told the entry point official?
(a) He is concerned that the official didn't truly believe Trevize.
(b) He is concerned that Bliss will think he's married.
(c) He is concerned that the lie will be discovered by officials.
(d) He is concerned that Trevize lies too much.

8. What finally drives off the animals?
(a) Bliss uses mind control to make them afraid.
(b) Bliss gives them hallucinations.
(c) Trevize injures one with severe pain.
(d) Pelorat lures them away off a cliff.

9. Does Trevize believe in psychohistory?
(a) No, he believes it's a myth.
(b) Yes, he believes it exists and that it works.
(c) Yes, but he believes it doesn't work.
(d) No, he won't believe until he sees proof.

10. Why does the minister have to be discreet about sex?
(a) Sexual relationships on Comporellon are limited to two at a time, and she is involved in two relationships already.
(b) She is an unmarried woman and sex is controlled on the planet.
(c) Because she is a government official, she is liable to be the topic of scandal-mongering reporters.
(d) She is a married woman and infidelity is frowned upon.

11. Where are the oldest records of Gaia stored?
(a) rocks and mountains
(b) a massive encyclopedia-like database
(c) clouds and the sky
(d) in a vast, ancient library

12. Trevize's information about Earth comes mostly from what source?
(a) a massive encyclopedia-like database
(b) myths and stories
(c) a robot who has lived many years
(d) a diary passed down through many years

13. What ancient document does Deniador tell Trevize about?
(a) a book on history
(b) a ship's log
(c) a town record of travelers
(d) a personal diary

14. What does Trevize want to search for?
(a) evidence of another alien race
(b) Earth
(c) the oldest robot
(d) Gaian life

15. What is at the ship's destination?
(a) a sun
(b) a habitable planet
(c) a gas giant
(d) an icy rock

Short Answer Questions

1. When the ship approaches the next planet, does Bliss sense human life?

2. What does Trevize want Bliss to do?

3. Why do many Gaians gather for the takeoff?

4. How old do the entry stations to the planet seem?

5. How many animals surround Trevize?

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