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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Melpomenia - Dead Planet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Pelorat concerned about when Trevize reveals the story he told the entry point official?
(a) He is concerned that the lie will be discovered by officials.
(b) He is concerned that the official didn't truly believe Trevize.
(c) He is concerned that Trevize lies too much.
(d) He is concerned that Bliss will think he's married.

2. Does Pelorat believe in psychohistory?
(a) No, he believes it's a myth.
(b) Yes, he believes it exists and that it works.
(c) No, he won't believe until he sees proof.
(d) Yes, but he believes it doesn't work.

3. What does Trevize tell Bliss and Pelorat not to do on the ship?
(a) have loud sex
(b) eat too much food
(c) talk to him
(d) bother him with minor problems

4. What does Pelorat compare Trevize's exploration of three planets to?
(a) three goddesses
(b) three wishes
(c) three monkeys
(d) three brothers

5. Does the minister believe that Trevize will return?
(a) No, she believes this is the last time she'll see him.
(b) Yes, she believes he'll return to give her progress reports.
(c) No, but she plans to go meet him on another world.
(d) Yes, she believes he'll return after finding Earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Trevize know the planet they finally arrive at is not Earth?

2. Why does the minister have to be discreet about sex?

3. What does the official do?

4. What is the entry official's name?

5. What does Trevize tell Bliss to do with the child?

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