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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Melpomenia - Dead Planet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What leads Bliss to Fallom?
(a) She can detect Fallom's joy.
(b) She can detect Fallom's thoughts.
(c) She can detect Fallom's anger.
(d) She can detect Fallom's fear.

2. Who do Trevize, Pelorat, and Bliss first meet with on Comporellon?
(a) Minister of Illicit Activities
(b) Minister of Transporation
(c) Minister of Foreign Relations
(d) Minister of the Interior

3. What does Trevize say he might do?
(a) leave Bliss and Pelorat behind in exchange for the Far Star
(b) have a second Far Star built or Comporellon
(c) consider giving the Far Star to Comporellon after his mission
(d) pay a large reward for permission to keep the Far Star

4. What does Trevize discover about the planet they are seeking?
(a) It is superheated.
(b) It has little atmosphere.
(c) It has gone off its orbit.
(d) It is too small to support life.

5. What happened to Yariff's attempts to find Earth?
(a) He died before his attempt was complete.
(b) He disappeared, and no one knows what happened.
(c) He failed to find Earth.
(d) He found Earth, but refused to disclose its location.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Trevize concerned might be the result of being part of Gaia?

2. Why can't Bliss have a child with Pelorat?

3. What does Trevize say would happen if news of Bliss' presence got out?

4. What do the animals do when Trevize kills one of them?

5. What does Bliss say about Trevize's weapons?

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