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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Aurora - Facing the Pack.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Yariff think he could find Earth?
(a) by a complex geometry of the stars
(b) by documenting the genetics of settlers on different planets
(c) by communion with nature
(d) by studying the ages of all the planets

2. What does Bliss say that Gaia wants from Trevize?
(a) Gaia wants him to change his vote.
(b) Gaia wants him to hide Gaia's origin.
(c) Gaia wants him to remain neutral.
(d) Gaia wants him to reveal the truth.

3. What does Bliss call people who are not part of Gaia?
(a) Individuals
(b) Ones
(c) Onlies
(d) Isolates

4. Why do many Gaians gather for the takeoff?
(a) to talk and discuss what they see
(b) to each see for him- or herself
(c) because multiple memories are stronger and last better
(d) to get differently-viewed angles and perceptions

5. What does Bliss reveal to Trevize?
(a) Bliss secretly disconnects from Gaia.
(b) Parts of Gaia exist throughout the galaxy.
(c) Parts of Gaia exist on every known planet and star.
(d) Bliss secretly wants to leave Gaia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Trevize decide to head next?

2. Where are the oldest records of Gaia stored?

3. What does Bliss think of the cold weather?

4. Who does the minister send Trevize to?

5. What does Trevise run to for protection?

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