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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Alpha - The Music Festival.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ancient document does Deniador tell Trevize about?
(a) a ship's log
(b) a town record of travelers
(c) a book on history
(d) a personal diary

2. What might be the original name of Comporellon according to the document?
(a) Baleyworld
(b) Secondworld
(c) Adamworld
(d) Morganworld

3. What is the minister's apartment like?
(a) It is luxurious and well-appointed.
(b) It is spartan and severe.
(c) It is small but tasteful.
(d) It is a single room with no furnishings.

4. What does Trevize use instead of a map?
(a) He uses a mathematical simulation of the Milky Way.
(b) He uses the ship's telescope.
(c) He decides to head toward the destination without information.
(d) He uses the ship's computer.

5. When does Trevize say he will return to have sex with the minister?
(a) when he is finished with his mission
(b) when she promises to let him have the Far Star
(c) when he returns to give her reports about his misison
(d) never

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Bliss sense robots on the planet?

2. What does Trevize tell the minister?

3. How does Trevize know Bander is dead?

4. What is the surface of Alpha like?

5. What is the entry official's name?

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