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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Casaubon's relationship with Amparo end?
(a) Amparo is murdered.
(b) Amparo becomes fed up with the amount of time Casaubon spends on his research, and leaves him.
(c) She cuts off contact with him because she is afraid of the people that are pursuing him because of his research.
(d) She goes to stay with friends, and never returns.

2. Who is the narrator of the novel?
(a) Belbo.
(b) Diotallevi.
(c) Casaubon.
(d) Lorenza.

3. What idea is commonly associated with Agartha?
(a) Enlightenment.
(b) Synarchy.
(c) Symbiosis.
(d) Creationism.

4. What is The Plan?
(a) An important part of Jewish prophecy.
(b) An obscure Biblical narrative.
(c) A secret Vatican conspiracy.
(d) A game, invented by Casaubon and his friends.

5. Belbo makes a statement about the subject of most of the manuscripts delivered to him by what group of people?
(a) Morons.
(b) Cretins.
(c) Fools.
(d) Lunatics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aglie say about the members of the group Casaubon is studying?

2. The Knights Templar fought to protect the Holy Land from what?

3. Who encouraged the rumors being spread about the Knights Templar?

4. Who recommends the book Casaubon goes to pick up at the library?

5. Where is Agartha located?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Casaubon?

2. How does Casaubon unlock Belbo's computer?

3. What does Belbo tell Casaubon during their phone call two days before the museum rendezvous?

4. What changed, in Italy, during the time that Casaubon was living in Brazil?

5. What information does Colonel Ardenti relay to Casaubon and Belbo?

6. What does Casaubon witness at the ceremonies Aglie invited him and his group to?

7. What is Project Hermes?

8. How is Signor Aglie described?

9. What are the origins of the religious traditions of Brazil, according to Aglie's discussion with Casaubon and Amparo?

10. What do Salon and Casaubon discuss during their first reunion in the mine?

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