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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the basic tenet of the idea commonly associated with Agartha?
(a) It emphasizes harmony over individuality.
(b) The importance of mystery traditions and an initiation process is emphasized.
(c) It asserts that each individual has a different path to enlightenment.
(d) It emphasizes the importance of having a healthy body, along with a healthy mind and soul.

2. Who is Colonel Ardenti?
(a) A war hero who wants to help Casaubon and Belbo investigate the myths of the Templars.
(b) An author who is pitching his book to Belbo's publishing company.
(c) A University friend of Casaubon's.
(d) One of Belbo's contacts in the French Army.

3. The Knights Templar began during what time?
(a) The years following the death of Christ.
(b) The First Crusade.
(c) The conversion of Rome to Christianity.
(d) The Spanish Inquisition.

4. How did the Knights Templar become rich?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) They were allowed to keep loot that they won in battle.
(c) They were exempt from paying tithes.
(d) They were able to implement tithes of their own.

5. Casaubon compares Aglie to whom?
(a) Belbo.
(b) Cagliostro.
(c) Diotallevi.
(d) Ardenti.

6. What happened to the political radicals in Milan, while Casaubon was away?
(a) They rioted and were driven out of the city, and now communicate via encoded messages.
(b) They staged a coup, and overthrew the city's government.
(c) They migrated away from politics, and toward psychology and transcendental meditation.
(d) Most of them were arrested, and the rest formed an underground society.

7. Why is Amparo so upset after the ritual?
(a) She felt as if she had been taken advantage of during the ritual.
(b) She is angry at Aglie for forcing her to attend it.
(c) She was unprepared for it, and now feels overwhelmed.
(d) She feels that her nationality may be more powerful than her rationality.

8. Who recommends the book Casaubon goes to pick up at the library?
(a) Belbo.
(b) Salon.
(c) De Angelis.
(d) Lorenza.

9. The Knights Templar fought to protect the Holy Land from what?
(a) Pagans.
(b) Muslims.
(c) Protestants.
(d) Satanists.

10. Why is Mr. Garamond's office connected to Garamond Press by a secret passageway?
(a) He doesn't want anyone to know he runs Garamond Press.
(b) He likes mystery.
(c) The building had a secret passageway already built in when he bought it.
(d) He uses the Garamond Press office for meetings with his mistress.

11. How does Casaubon know Professor Bramanti?
(a) Bramanti was one of Belbo's best authors.
(b) Casaubon consulted Bramanti when he was researching his dissertation.
(c) He heard Bramanti give a lecture in Brazil.
(d) He was introduced to Bramanti by Aglie.

12. What is Garamond Press?
(a) A sensational tabloid.
(b) A Bible and Torah printer.
(c) A newspaper company.
(d) A small vanity and academic publisher.

13. What accusation begins the confrontation at Aglie's house?
(a) One man accuses the other of plotting to kill him.
(b) One man accuses the other of summoning a demon to oppress him at his home.
(c) One man accuses the other of taking more than his share of the profits from their ventures.
(d) One man accuses the other of being a false prophet, and insincere in his devotion to their faith.

14. Who is the narrator of the novel?
(a) Diotallevi.
(b) Casaubon.
(c) Belbo.
(d) Lorenza.

15. What job does Casaubon get in Chapter 37?
(a) He collects and sells archaeological artifacts and rare documents.
(b) He works at the University, as a professor.
(c) He gets a job with a local newspaper.
(d) He works for himself, as a freelance researcher.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Casaubon when he runs into his neighbor from Milan?

2. Who is Riccardo?

3. What is the main character looking at, in Chapter 1?

4. What does Colonel Ardenti think the Holy Grail might actually be?

5. What happens to Colonel Ardenti in Chapter 24?

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