Daily Lessons for Teaching Foucault's Pendulum

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-12 (Keter 1-2, Hokhmah 3-6, Binah 7-12))


Chapters 1-12 (Keter 1-2, Hokhmah 3-6, Binah 7-12)

At the beginning of the novel, as Casaubon is pondering Foucault's pendulum and its significance, the author includes a variety of mathematical formulae, as well as information about physics and other disciplines. The objective of this lesson is to discuss why the author chose to include this highly technical information.


1) In-class writing assignment: In one to two paragraphs, have students answer the following questions: What object is the main character looking at as the novel begins? What are some of the thoughts running through the protagonist's head as he looks at this object? Why?

2) In-class group work: Divide students into groups of three or four, and have them discuss the following questions: What disciplines does the author reference, in Chapter 1, in relation to Foucault's pendulum? How does this information relate to the pendulum itself?

3) In-class discussion: As...

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