Foucault's Pendulum Character Descriptions

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This character is a graduate student in Philosophy at the university, and writes a dissertation on the Knights Templar.

Jacopo Belbo

This character has an ironic temperament that he uses to deflate the egos of the arrogant.


This character claims he is a Jew, though there is no evidence of this fact, and also that he is a descendant of one of the founders of Milan.

Mr. Garamond

This character is an older, upper-class Milanese gentleman who keeps to himself, and is a good salesman.


This character received her nickname because she talks with a slight German accent.

Professor Bramanti

This character presides over the magic ceremony that culminates in another character's murder.


This character becomes possessed during a magic ritual, and never fully recovers from the shame of the event.


This character disapproves of the Plan, and tries to convince the protagonist...

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