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Chapters 1-12 (Keter 1-2, Hokhmah 3-6, Binah 7-12)

• Casaubon, the protagonist, is in the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers, looking at Foucault's pendulum on display and pondering physics, geometry, and other related subjects. His attention turns to finding a hiding spot, as it is late and he is supposed to meet Belbo and his captors there after the museum closes.

• Belbo had called Casaubon two days ago, telling him that Belbo was being pursued by the Knights Templar because of the Plan, a conspiracy game that Casaubon and Belbo had devised with their friend Diotallevi.

• Belbo told Casaubon to go to his apartment and find his computer, Abulafia, and floppy disks, and to use the information therein to discern they danger they were in, and why. The call cuts out before Belbo could tell Casaubon the password for his computer.
• Casaubon takes shelter in a periscope, watching the...

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