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Short Answer Questions

1. What occupation does Joaquin hold?

2. Who shoots Joaquin in the back of the head?

3. Which character hesitates when the group discusses killing Pablo?

4. Where will Robert Jordan suggest his group go to run raids?

5. How is Pablo behaving when they return to camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Pilar do to escape the attack at the barracks?

2. Who is Maria?

3. How does Primivito react to the outcome of the fighting at Sordo's?

4. What does Pilar reminisce about when she sits down to eat with Fernando?

5. What does Robert Jordan imagine his life to be as he thinks about what he will do after the war?

6. Is Sordo afraid to die? Explain.

7. Why does Pablo refuse to call Robert Jordan a professor?

8. How does Anselmo convince Robert Jordan to use the men he has instead of seek men from another camp to help him on his mission?

9. Why does Pilar love the memory of Finito more than the reality of Pablo?

10. Why is Pilar for the bridge?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the incident when Robert Jordan reaches for his gun to maintain order in the cave. Is this an extreme response to the fighting that has gone on between Pilar and Pablo? Or is this a necessary response when engaged in battle? How and why does strategy and teamwork need to be a central focus with Robert Jordan and his men? What are the consequences if they do not act in unison?

Essay Topic 2

Given the knowledge of the history of the Spanish Civil War, do you think that fighting fascism was worth the price paid in human life? How important is it, or necessary, to stop fascism in its tracks. Is it more beneficial to seek an end to fascism with diplomacy?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the character of Andres. Discuss his loyalty to the group during a time of uncertainty. He is racing time trying to get the dispatch to Golz. Discuss this character in terms of his purpose in the story and the suspense he carries with him as makes his way with Miranda's orders to Golz.

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