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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pablo say to Robert Jordan despite the obvious movement of weapons and troops?
(a) he has confidence in Robert Jordan
(b) he trusts Robert Jordan
(c) he will fight with Robert Jordan
(d) he will fight alone

2. What do the fascists do to Maria and her sister after their parents were killed?
(a) lock them up in a cold room
(b) send them to live in the back country
(c) shave their heads
(d) banish them from Madrid

3. Where does Robert Jordan lie to wait for daylight?
(a) the shrubs
(b) the sand
(c) the woods
(d) the grass

4. What character does Pilar compare Pablo to based on his actions?
(a) the devil
(b) Judas Iscariot
(c) Jesus
(d) a fascist

5. Who makes several phone calls to finally reach Golz?
(a) Andres
(b) Andre Marty
(c) Duval
(d) Gomez

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Robert Jordan doing when Anselmo finds him?

2. Where does Pablo speak of going as they prepare to leave the camp?

3. Robert Jordan begins to think that they all will be killed, but what will succeed?

4. What does Andres think about when he thinks about life without war?

5. What does Robert Jordan find missing when he checks his sack?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Robert Jordan angry with Pilar and himself when he learns Pablo stole the materials for the mission?

2. Does Golz receive the dispatch? Explain.

3. What do the new men mistakenly think Pablo's role is in the mission?

4. How did Robert Jordan's father kill himself?

5. When Robert Jordan thinks of the bridge now, what does he feel?

6. What does Robert Jordan's dispatch to General Golz say?

7. Who does Pilar blame for the stolen materials?

8. What do Robert Jordan and Pablo discuss as they load the horses and prepare to leave?

9. What does Andres think about as he walks to Golz, carrying a message from Robert Jordan?

10. Maria is fearful of one thing upon marrying Robert Jordan. What is it and how does Robert Jordan react?

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