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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Andres think when he sees the government position ahead?
(a) challenge and revenge
(b) violence
(c) cheerfulness
(d) eagerness

2. What does Andres think of himself as a bullfighter?
(a) that he was a hero
(b) that he was brave
(c) that he was a coward
(d) that he should be given more credit

3. How does Robert Jordan feel when he thinks about Pablo and the explosives?
(a) obsessive
(b) enraged
(c) indifferent
(d) hopeful

4. What device is Pablo assigned to handle?
(a) the cannon
(b) the grenade launcher
(c) the maquina
(d) the pistol

5. What does Robert Jordon hope General Golz will do when he receives his dispatch?
(a) Cancel the attack
(b) Move forward with the plan
(c) Surrender the battle
(d) Send support

Short Answer Questions

1. Pilar wakes to tell Robert Jordan that this man is missing.

2. What does Andre Marty immediately order?

3. Why is Robert Jordan angry with himself when he finds out the explosives are missing?

4. Robert Jordan feels anger toward Pablo but he also feels anger toward whom?

5. What character does Pilar compare Pablo to based on his actions?

Short Essay Questions

1. What begins to happen to Robert Jordan as he thinks more and more of Pablo?

2. Does Golz receive the dispatch? Explain.

3. What does Andres think about as he walks to Golz, carrying a message from Robert Jordan?

4. How is Pablo treated when he appears at the entrance to the cave?

5. Do the men trust Robert Jordan now, even after the tragic event at Sordos has occurred?

6. What is the ultimate reason Pablo returned to the cave?

7. What does Robert Jordan wish he could talk to his grandfather about and hopefully receive some advice? What does he realize as a result of his thoughts?

8. Describe what Maria believes about the love between her and Robert Jordan, even as Robert Jordan grows more and more realistic about the outcome of the day.

9. What do Robert Jordan and Pablo discuss as they load the horses and prepare to leave?

10. Why does Karkov plan to drive to the front in the early morning hours before the offensive?

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