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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Robert Jordan doing when Anselmo finds him?
(a) sleeping on the hillside
(b) writing in his notebook
(c) praying
(d) crying alone

2. What does Robert Jordan lay up against waiting for the fascists to get closer, while holding his machine gun?
(a) a tank
(b) a tree
(c) the bridge
(d) a rock

3. What is the only weapon Robert Jordan still kept that belonged to his grandfather?
(a) the knife
(b) the saber
(c) the dagger
(d) the gun

4. What is the predominant nature of the Spanish people?
(a) boastful
(b) deceptive
(c) argumentative
(d) superstituous

5. What does Robert Jordan feel certain about as he approaches Primivito?
(a) the operation will succeed
(b) the operation will be cancelled
(c) the operation will not be cancelled
(d) the operation will fail

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon explaining her past to Robert Jordan, what does Maria fear the most?

2. What does Andres think about as he walks?

3. Robert Jordan claims he is not superstitious, be he views the planes and fascist activity as what?

4. What does Robert Jordan think Pablo's return is a sign of?

5. Who does Marty think Gomez and Andres work for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Golz receive the dispatch? Explain.

2. Do the men trust Robert Jordan now, even after the tragic event at Sordos has occurred?

3. Maria is fearful of one thing upon marrying Robert Jordan. What is it and how does Robert Jordan react?

4. What is Robert Jordan's plan?

5. What does Robert Jordan wish he could talk to his grandfather about and hopefully receive some advice? What does he realize as a result of his thoughts?

6. Why is Robert Jordan angry with Pilar and himself when he learns Pablo stole the materials for the mission?

7. What happens after Robert Jordan finishes wiring the bridge and hears a truck coming down the road?

8. How do Maria's parent's react right before they are killed by the fascists?

9. What does Robert Jordan think Pablo's return is a sign of?

10. How did Robert Jordan's father kill himself?

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