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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robert Jordan think Pablo's return is a sign of?
(a) luck returning
(b) karma
(c) fate
(d) bad luck to come

2. What is the predominant nature of the Spanish people?
(a) boastful
(b) superstituous
(c) deceptive
(d) argumentative

3. What is Robert Jordan doing when Anselmo finds him?
(a) writing in his notebook
(b) crying alone
(c) sleeping on the hillside
(d) praying

4. What does the general tell Karkov they should receive this very night?
(a) a report from Robert Jordan
(b) a visit from Pilar
(c) the gypsy's blessing
(d) Robert Jordan's arrival

5. Maria's father yells out "Viva la Republica" before this event happens.
(a) he is shot by the fascists
(b) he kills two fascist soldiers
(c) his wife is shot by the fascists
(d) his daughters' heads are shaved

Short Answer Questions

1. Robert Jordan claims he is not superstitious, be he views the planes and fascist activity as what?

2. Where does Pablo lead the group?

3. Why is Robert Jordan angry with himself when he finds out the explosives are missing?

4. Where does Robert Jordan lie to wait for daylight?

5. What kind of man does Robert Jordan think his father was?

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