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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If not death, what does the gypsy suggest the group do to Pablo to control him?
(a) cripple Pablo
(b) drug Pablo
(c) kidnap Pablo
(d) blind Pablo

2. Who has Sordo's gun?
(a) Pablo
(b) Lieutenant Berrendo
(c) Anselmo
(d) a nameless fascist

3. What happens after the planes bomb the hill heavily?
(a) the cavalry charge the hill
(b) the cavalry shoots and throws grenades
(c) the cavarly retreats
(d) the soldiers reload

4. What is Anselmo doing as he walks back toward Pablo's camp?
(a) laughing
(b) crying
(c) praying
(d) cursing

5. Where is Sordo wounded?
(a) his collarbone
(b) his leg and left arm
(c) his leg and elbow
(d) his chest

Short Answer Questions

1. Where should Andres bring the horses if he hears gunfire?

2. The two weak links, according to Agustin, are which characters?

3. Does Robert Jordan think the planes have killed anyone?

4. After Pablo voices his concerns for blowing up the bridge, what does Anselmo accuse Pablo of acting like?

5. How does Robert Jordan describe what killing is to Spaniards?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to the men on the hill after the planes have passed?

2. What does Robert Jordan believe the root is of being vulnerable to corruption in war?

3. What happens when Pablo asks for proof of Robert Jordan's identity?

4. What does Robert Jordan imagine his life to be as he thinks about what he will do after the war?

5. What makes Maria feel like Robert Jordan will not love her?

6. How does Robert Jordan respond when Maria asks if he is a communist?

7. Why is Pilar for the bridge?

8. Who is Maria?

9. Why does Robert Jordan choose not to kill Pablo?

10. After Robert Jordan tells Maria that he loves her, what does he begin to fear and why?

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