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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who first recognizes Pepe and Elicio?
(a) Pablo
(b) Robert Jordan
(c) Anselmo
(d) Pilar

2. What does Robert Jordan compare Anselmo and Agustin to?
(a) diplomats
(b) family
(c) fellow teachers
(d) students

3. What is the name of the French army officer?
(a) Gomez
(b) Andre Marty
(c) Miranda
(d) Andres

4. What does Andres see coming down from the mountains?
(a) empty trucks
(b) cavalry
(c) Pablo and his men
(d) Robert Jordan

5. What title does Pablo introduce Robert Jordan as to his new men?
(a) the boss
(b) the soldier
(c) the American
(d) the dynamiter

6. Who arrives at the headquarters to ask Andre Marty about the dispatch?
(a) Pablo
(b) Karkov
(c) Fernando
(d) Robert Jordan

7. What does Robert Jordan tell Pilar to do now that she knows Pablo is gone?
(a) go back to sleep
(b) find Pablo
(c) tell the gypsy
(d) wake up the camp

8. After Pilar's group returns, Robert Jordan learns of this man's death.
(a) Eliado
(b) Agustin
(c) Fernando
(d) Gomez

9. What does Andres show the government to prove his identity?
(a) his gun
(b) the explosives
(c) his ring
(d) his papers

10. What is the name of the lieutenant colonel?
(a) Arturo
(b) Feliz
(c) Stephen
(d) Miranda

11. What does Robert Jordan compare the feeling of going into battle with?
(a) going to a funeral
(b) preparing for a test
(c) getting married
(d) going away to school

12. How does Gomez transport Andres to see the lieutenant colonel?
(a) plane
(b) train
(c) motorcycle
(d) car

13. What is the best word to describe the character of Robert Jordan?
(a) superstitious
(b) realistic
(c) idealistic
(d) foolish

14. Robert Jordan claims he is not superstitious, be he views the planes and fascist activity as what?
(a) bad omens
(b) good luck
(c) signs of progress
(d) signs of encouragment

15. What does Robert Jordan leave with Agustin, but warns not to use until the fighting is over?
(a) cigarettes
(b) camoflague fatigues
(c) grenades
(d) canteens

Short Answer Questions

1. Who appears at the entrance to the cave?

2. What is the only weapon Robert Jordan still kept that belonged to his grandfather?

3. Where does Robert Jordan lie to wait for daylight?

4. How does Robert Jordan feel when he thinks about Pablo and the explosives?

5. What does Andres think about when he thinks about life without war?

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