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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Karkov says hello to his wife who is in uniform before walking over to whom?
(a) his mistress
(b) a Republican
(c) a fascist soldier
(d) the concierge

2. Who does Andres tell the guard he is associated with?
(a) The Fascists
(b) The band of Pablo
(c) The Americans
(d) The Republicans

3. What does Golz watch as he receives the dispatch?
(a) a fleet of fascists leaving
(b) the empty trucks roll in
(c) the planes take off
(d) smoke rise up from the mountains

4. What is the name of the lieutenant colonel?
(a) Arturo
(b) Miranda
(c) Stephen
(d) Feliz

5. Where does Pablo speak of going as they prepare to leave the camp?
(a) El Sordos
(b) Madrid
(c) the cave
(d) Gredos

6. Miranda writers orders to help get the dispatch delivered to which character?
(a) Robert Jordan
(b) Pablo
(c) Golz
(d) Pepe

7. Andres remembers he held this part of the bull to help an injured man.
(a) the hoof
(b) the ear
(c) the horns
(d) the tail

8. What does Andres show the government to prove his identity?
(a) his gun
(b) his papers
(c) the explosives
(d) his ring

9. Robert Jordan claims he is not superstitious, be he views the planes and fascist activity as what?
(a) good luck
(b) bad omens
(c) signs of progress
(d) signs of encouragment

10. Who makes several phone calls to finally reach Golz?
(a) Gomez
(b) Andres
(c) Duval
(d) Andre Marty

11. What is the name of the French army officer?
(a) Andres
(b) Gomez
(c) Andre Marty
(d) Miranda

12. What is Robert Jordan doing when Anselmo finds him?
(a) crying alone
(b) praying
(c) writing in his notebook
(d) sleeping on the hillside

13. What does Robert Jordan compare the feeling of going into battle with?
(a) going away to school
(b) going to a funeral
(c) preparing for a test
(d) getting married

14. What does Robert Jordan demand Anselmo do to the bridge, even if Robert Jordan has not finished.
(a) blow the bridge
(b) lead the men across the bridge
(c) leave the bridge standing
(d) block the bridge with barracades

15. Who arrives at the headquarters to ask Andre Marty about the dispatch?
(a) Robert Jordan
(b) Karkov
(c) Fernando
(d) Pablo

Short Answer Questions

1. What device is Pablo assigned to handle?

2. What is the best word to describe the character of Robert Jordan?

3. What character does Pilar compare Pablo to based on his actions?

4. What does Robert Jordan leave with Agustin, but warns not to use until the fighting is over?

5. What does Robert Jordan lay up against waiting for the fascists to get closer, while holding his machine gun?

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