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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robert Jordan lay up against waiting for the fascists to get closer, while holding his machine gun?
(a) a rock
(b) a tree
(c) the bridge
(d) a tank

2. Who does Pilar blame when she finds out Pablo took the explosives?
(a) Robert Jordan
(b) Maria
(c) the gypsy
(d) herself

3. When the metal stops falling, Robert Jordan sees that the middle of the bridge is gone and this man is dead.
(a) Pablo
(b) Agustin
(c) Anselmo
(d) Eliado

4. What does Robert Jordan tell Pilar to do now that she knows Pablo is gone?
(a) tell the gypsy
(b) go back to sleep
(c) wake up the camp
(d) find Pablo

5. Maria asks if Robert Jordan wants to talk about his work, but Robert Jordan wants to talk about this city instead.
(a) Madrid
(b) Barcelona
(c) New York City
(d) Dallas

6. What does the general tell Karkov they should receive this very night?
(a) a report from Robert Jordan
(b) Robert Jordan's arrival
(c) the gypsy's blessing
(d) a visit from Pilar

7. What does Robert Jordan hope to say in his dispatch to General Golz?
(a) Jordan is sending Anselmo for aide
(b) Jordan will leave for the United States in the morning
(c) he wants to warn the general about the bridge
(d) he wants to quit his post

8. What does Andres show the government to prove his identity?
(a) his papers
(b) his ring
(c) the explosives
(d) his gun

9. What is the best word to describe the character of Robert Jordan?
(a) idealistic
(b) superstitious
(c) realistic
(d) foolish

10. Who arrives at the headquarters to ask Andre Marty about the dispatch?
(a) Fernando
(b) Pablo
(c) Robert Jordan
(d) Karkov

11. What does Andre Marty immediately order?
(a) to pile machine guns into the trucks
(b) to arrest Gomez and Andres
(c) to gather granades
(d) to employ troops to the bridge

12. What does Andres think of himself as a bullfighter?
(a) that he was a hero
(b) that he should be given more credit
(c) that he was brave
(d) that he was a coward

13. What is the only weapon Robert Jordan still kept that belonged to his grandfather?
(a) the dagger
(b) the saber
(c) the gun
(d) the knife

14. What does Robert Jordan compare Anselmo and Agustin to?
(a) diplomats
(b) family
(c) fellow teachers
(d) students

15. What does Robert Jordan silently wish why lying in Maria's arms.
(a) that she will make love to him
(b) that Pablo will be killed
(c) that he would not die today
(d) that the gypsy will be proven wrong

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the commander who listens to and believes Andres' story?

2. What does Robert Jordan compare the feeling of going into battle with?

3. What does Maria think that the love she shares with Robert Jordan is a sign of?

4. Who makes several phone calls to finally reach Golz?

5. What is the name of the French army officer?

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