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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robert Jordan demand Anselmo do to the bridge, even if Robert Jordan has not finished.
(a) lead the men across the bridge
(b) blow the bridge
(c) leave the bridge standing
(d) block the bridge with barracades

2. What does Andres think about when he thinks about life without war?
(a) starting a new career
(b) raising partidges in the front yard
(c) raising a family
(d) moving to the United States

3. What part of Robert Jordan's body is broken?
(a) neck
(b) ribs
(c) leg
(d) arm

4. What does Robert Jordan want to speak to his father about now that he has experienced battle?
(a) war
(b) diplomacy
(c) love
(d) education

5. How do the guards at the government post feel about Andres?
(a) they know him as a friend
(b) they feel he is a confidant
(c) they do not trust him at first
(d) they think he is a traitor

6. When the metal stops falling, Robert Jordan sees that the middle of the bridge is gone and this man is dead.
(a) Agustin
(b) Anselmo
(c) Pablo
(d) Eliado

7. What does Robert Jordan think Pablo's return is a sign of?
(a) luck returning
(b) fate
(c) bad luck to come
(d) karma

8. What does Robert Jordan hope to say in his dispatch to General Golz?
(a) Jordan will leave for the United States in the morning
(b) Jordan is sending Anselmo for aide
(c) he wants to warn the general about the bridge
(d) he wants to quit his post

9. What does Robert Jordan lay up against waiting for the fascists to get closer, while holding his machine gun?
(a) a tree
(b) a tank
(c) a rock
(d) the bridge

10. What does Karkov do to save time before he drives to the front at two o'clock in the morning?
(a) sleep in his clothes
(b) send a correspondance to Robert Jordan
(c) tell his wife goodbye
(d) eat a late dinner

11. What kind of man does Robert Jordan think his father was?
(a) a thief
(b) a leader
(c) a coward
(d) a hero

12. What does Robert Jordan compare Anselmo and Agustin to?
(a) fellow teachers
(b) family
(c) diplomats
(d) students

13. Andres remembers he held this part of the bull to help an injured man.
(a) the ear
(b) the hoof
(c) the horns
(d) the tail

14. Robert Jordan begins to think that they all will be killed, but what will succeed?
(a) the fascists will overtake Spain
(b) the fascists will be exiled
(c) Pablo's plan
(d) the bridge will be blown

15. Who does Marty think Gomez and Andres work for?
(a) the fascists
(b) the Americans
(c) the Russians
(d) the Republicans

Short Answer Questions

1. Karkov says hello to his wife who is in uniform before walking over to whom?

2. How does Gomez transport Andres to see the lieutenant colonel?

3. What emotion ultimately brings Pablo back to his people?

4. What is the name of the man who is on his way to Golz, carrying a message from Robert Jordan?

5. What is the name of the French army officer?

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