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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robert Jordan tell Pilar he saw on Kashkin's face?
(a) pain
(b) death
(c) sorrow
(d) fear

2. Which character first sees that fighting is happening toward El Sordo's camp?
(a) Agustin
(b) Primitivo
(c) Pilar
(d) Maria

3. Who does Maria visit in the night?
(a) Robert Jordan
(b) Pilar
(c) Pablo
(d) Anselmo

4. What career does Robert Jordan want to return to after the war?
(a) law
(b) medicine
(c) business
(d) teaching

5. Robert Jordan tells Agustin and Primivito not to shoot or throw a grenade unless they hear shooting from this object.
(a) a pistol
(b) a semi-automatic
(c) a shotgun
(d) a maquina

6. What patrol do the three planes that fly in V formation belong to?
(a) the guerillas
(b) the fascist patrol
(c) Anselmo
(d) Pablo's band

7. Who did Pilar say that Robert Jordan killed? He was a man who was wounded and requested to be shot.
(a) Anselmo
(b) Andres
(c) Pablo
(d) Kashkin

8. What is the name of the woman who escaped from Valladolid during the train incident?
(a) Maria
(b) Pilar
(c) Mariana
(d) Helena

9. What emotion does Pilar tell Fernando has ruined her husband's once courageous spirit?
(a) fear
(b) pride
(c) hate
(d) love

10. Who has Sordo's gun?
(a) a nameless fascist
(b) Lieutenant Berrendo
(c) Anselmo
(d) Pablo

11. How is Pablo behaving when they return to camp?
(a) angry
(b) frightened
(c) drunk
(d) silly

12. What does Robert Jordan see on one of the saddles of the cavalry?
(a) a pistol
(b) letters
(c) Sordo's rifle
(d) ammunition

13. Where does Anselmo suggest he go to try to get some information while someone else watches the road?
(a) La Granja
(b) Madrid
(c) Valencia
(d) back to the camp

14. What does Robert Jordan tell Maria when she joins him sleeping?
(a) he is afraid to die
(b) he loves her
(c) he won't kill Pablo
(d) he loves Pilar

15. What is the name of the man who is waiting faithfully at his post to be relieved?
(a) Pablo
(b) Sordo
(c) Fernando
(d) Anselmo

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the man who is Pilar's first love as well as a matador?

2. Whose movements does Robert Jordan watch through a pair of field glasses as he studies the bridge?

3. What is Karkov's occupation?

4. How does Robert Jordan know the struggle at Sordo's is over?

5. What does Robert Jordan say they will do about the attack on Sordo?

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