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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What emotion does Pilar tell Fernando has ruined her husband's once courageous spirit?
(a) fear
(b) love
(c) hate
(d) pride

2. Who visited the camp while Robert Jordan was with Anselmo?
(a) Sordo
(b) the fascists
(c) Maria
(d) Fernando

3. Who does Robert Jordan decide to send to Navacerrada?
(a) Pablo
(b) Maria
(c) Anselmo
(d) Andres

4. What emotion does Pilar think Pablo is showing by trying to stop the bridge?
(a) vengence
(b) hate
(c) fear
(d) jealousy

5. What is the name of the commander who listens to and believes Andres' story?
(a) Gomez
(b) Belasario
(c) Carlos
(d) Guitierrez

Short Answer Questions

1. Andres remembers he held this part of the bull to help an injured man.

2. What does Robert Jordan NOT believe in?

3. What is the only weapon Robert Jordan still kept that belonged to his grandfather?

4. What does Pilar think Joaquin sees when he looks at her?

5. What does Robert Jordan hope to say in his dispatch to General Golz?

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