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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing Robert Jordan can think about after he and Maria walk through the heather?
(a) starting a family
(b) returning to America
(c) getting married
(d) the bridge

2. What does Andres show the government to prove his identity?
(a) his ring
(b) his gun
(c) his papers
(d) the explosives

3. What is the name of the commander who listens to and believes Andres' story?
(a) Belasario
(b) Carlos
(c) Guitierrez
(d) Gomez

4. As Robert Jordan is walking down to the post to speak to Primivito what does he realize that Golz does not have the power to do?
(a) receive the dispatch directly
(b) postpone the mission
(c) communicate back to Robert Jordan
(d) to plan the attack

5. What does Robert Jordan wake in the morning to hear?
(a) a snow storm
(b) a horse coming
(c) Pablo stirring
(d) rain

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes several phone calls to finally reach Golz?

2. Maria asks if Robert Jordan wants to talk about his work, but Robert Jordan wants to talk about this city instead.

3. Robert Jordan tells Agustin and Primivito not to shoot or throw a grenade unless they hear shooting from this object.

4. Where will Robert Jordan suggest his group go to run raids?

5. What career does Robert Jordan want to return to after the war?

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