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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What patrol do the three planes that fly in V formation belong to?
(a) Anselmo
(b) the guerillas
(c) Pablo's band
(d) the fascist patrol

2. Anselmo cannot write so Robert Jordan suggests that he do this instead to indicate enemy movement.
(a) draw symbols and tally marks
(b) use sign language
(c) learn to write
(d) pass on the responsibility to Pablo

3. Has Anselmo ever been in battle?
(a) Yes
(b) He was born into the military
(c) No
(d) Once when he was a boy

4. What does Golz watch as he receives the dispatch?
(a) the planes take off
(b) smoke rise up from the mountains
(c) a fleet of fascists leaving
(d) the empty trucks roll in

5. How does Robert Jordan feel for leaving the sack full of explosives with Pilar?
(a) happy
(b) nervous
(c) selfish
(d) foolish

Short Answer Questions

1. Who appears at the post to offer Anselmo a flask?

2. Robert Jordan wakes to the sound of this in the morning.

3. Robert Jordan claims he is not superstitious, be he views the planes and fascist activity as what?

4. Where does Robert Jordan lie to wait for daylight?

5. Why is Pilar afraid of the planes that fly overhead?

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