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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What emotion does Pilar tell Fernando has ruined her husband's once courageous spirit?
(a) pride
(b) fear
(c) hate
(d) love

2. What do the fascists do to Maria and her sister after their parents were killed?
(a) banish them from Madrid
(b) shave their heads
(c) lock them up in a cold room
(d) send them to live in the back country

3. What is the weather like when the group reaches the camp?
(a) rain
(b) a heat wave
(c) snow
(d) wind

4. What kind of man does Robert Jordan think his father was?
(a) a leader
(b) a thief
(c) a hero
(d) a coward

5. Anselmo cannot write so Robert Jordan suggests that he do this instead to indicate enemy movement.
(a) learn to write
(b) use sign language
(c) draw symbols and tally marks
(d) pass on the responsibility to Pablo

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Maria visit in the night?

2. What does the general tell Karkov they should receive this very night?

3. What does Robert Jordan fear, causing him to wake in the middle of the night with the feeling running through him?

4. What does Robert Jordan give Anselmo as he tells him what he saw on the hill?

5. Who does Robert Jordan most want to see when he returns to Gaylords?

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