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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Robert Jordan is walking down to the post to speak to Primivito what does he realize that Golz does not have the power to do?
(a) receive the dispatch directly
(b) to plan the attack
(c) postpone the mission
(d) communicate back to Robert Jordan

2. Who does Pilar blame when she finds out Pablo took the explosives?
(a) the gypsy
(b) herself
(c) Maria
(d) Robert Jordan

3. How does Pablo feel about the bridge?
(a) He and his men are angry about the bridge
(b) He supports the bridge
(c) His men are against the bridge
(d) He wants to participate in destroying the bridge

4. Maria's father yells out "Viva la Republica" before this event happens.
(a) he is shot by the fascists
(b) his daughters' heads are shaved
(c) he kills two fascist soldiers
(d) his wife is shot by the fascists

5. When Pablo cries, what does he tell Pilar he is most afraid of?
(a) being held prisoner
(b) love
(c) death
(d) injury

Short Answer Questions

1. When Robert Jordan forgets Anselmo's name he thinks of his forgetfulness as an example of what?

2. What does Robert Jordan tell Pilar to do now that she knows Pablo is gone?

3. What does Robert Jordan hear as he is thinking of Sordo and wondering what is happening to him and his men?

4. The two weak links, according to Agustin, are which characters?

5. What does Pilar think of Robert Jordan deciding to not kill Pablo?

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