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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Anselmo suggest he go to try to get some information while someone else watches the road?
(a) Valencia
(b) Madrid
(c) back to the camp
(d) La Granja

2. What does Pilar think Joaquin sees when he looks at her?
(a) her grief
(b) her pride
(c) her eyes
(d) her ugliness

3. What did Robert Jordan's father kill himself with?
(a) Jordan's grandfather's knife
(b) Jordan's grandfather's gun
(c) a rope by hanging
(d) medication

4. What do Robert Jordan and Primivito watch returning from Sordo's?
(a) the fascist footmen
(b) the cavalry
(c) Pablo
(d) high ranking officers

5. How does Kashkin die, according to Robert Jordan?
(a) he is killed behind enemy lines
(b) he is burried alive
(c) he is taken prisoner and commits suicide
(d) he contracts influenza

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Robert Jordan say they will do about the attack on Sordo?

2. When asked, Robert Jordan tells Maria that politically he can be defined as this.

3. What has happened to Maria that she feels Robert Jordan will not love her?

4. What does Robert Jordan want to speak to his father about now that he has experienced battle?

5. Whose movements does Robert Jordan watch through a pair of field glasses as he studies the bridge?

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