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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pablo does not believe in superstition, but he does believe in Pilar's ability to do this.
(a) read palms
(b) smell death
(c) conduct ESP
(d) cause storms

2. Why is Pilar afraid of the planes that fly overhead?
(a) they make hearing difficult
(b) they might spot them on the ground
(c) they may release bombs
(d) they are a bad omen

3. Which character first sees that fighting is happening toward El Sordo's camp?
(a) Agustin
(b) Maria
(c) Primitivo
(d) Pilar

4. Who does the gypsy first talk to about killing Pablo?
(a) Maria
(b) Agustin
(c) Pilar
(d) Anselmo

5. How does Kashkin die, according to Robert Jordan?
(a) he is taken prisoner and commits suicide
(b) he is burried alive
(c) he contracts influenza
(d) he is killed behind enemy lines

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Robert Jordan fear, causing him to wake in the middle of the night with the feeling running through him?

2. Who punches Pablo in the face for calling him a negro?

3. Who is Pilar jealous of?

4. Who did Pilar say that Robert Jordan killed? He was a man who was wounded and requested to be shot.

5. Whose movements does Robert Jordan watch through a pair of field glasses as he studies the bridge?

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