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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who first offers to kill Pablo?
(a) Anselmo
(b) Robert Jordan
(c) Pilar
(d) Fernando

2. Fernando remembers talks about the movement in La Ganja that allude to the Republic planning this.
(a) a frontal attack
(b) a defensive strategy
(c) a meeting
(d) an offensive

3. What emotion does Pilar tell Fernando has ruined her husband's once courageous spirit?
(a) hate
(b) pride
(c) love
(d) fear

4. On the way to El Sordo, what does Robert Jordan inquire about?
(a) Pilar's knowledge of Maria
(b) Pablo's protection over his people
(c) the begininng of the movement
(d) Pilar and Pablo's wedding

5. What does Karkov do to save time before he drives to the front at two o'clock in the morning?
(a) sleep in his clothes
(b) tell his wife goodbye
(c) send a correspondance to Robert Jordan
(d) eat a late dinner

Short Answer Questions

1. One of Sordo's men begins to curse which character in Pablo's band for leaving them there?

2. Has Anselmo ever been in battle?

3. Which character first sees that fighting is happening toward El Sordo's camp?

4. What does Pablo fear more than death?

5. What emotion ultimately brings Pablo back to his people?

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