Forward the Foundation Character Descriptions

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Hari Seldon

The protagonist of both Foundation prequels, this character is a mathematician from an obscure outer world, Helicon.

Dors Venábili

This professor of history at Streeling University is assigned to serve as the protagonist's protector while on the planet Trantor.

Eto Demerzel (a.k.a. R. Daneel Olivaw)

First Minister to the last Galactic Emperor of the Entun dynasty, this character watches over the protagonist as the mathematician labors to turn his theory of psychohistory into a viable political tool.

Yugo Amaryl

A native of the Dahl Sector of Trantor, this character is a brilliant self-taught mathematician languishing as a heatsink worker.

Emperor Agis XIV

This ruler is short with bulging eyes and dubs himself the Citizen Emperor, dispensing with as much protocol as possible.

Dr. Bor Alurin

This psychologist and fan of the protagonist has psychic powers that are detected near the spaceport.

Gleb Andorin

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