Daily Lessons for Teaching Fortunate Son

Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1)


Part 1, Chapter 1

As a young boy, Lewis Puller understood that his father, Chesty, had high expectation for his son. The objective of this lesson is to examine the lessons Chesty attempted to impart to young Lewis.


1. As a class, discuss the lessons Chesty attempts to impart to his young son. What might be the purpose of such lessons? What were the immediate effects of Chesty's instruction? What could be the long term effect of his lessons?

2. Heave each student write a journal entry from young Lewis's perspective about the recoil incident with the .45-caliber pistol. What lesson did Lewis learn? In a boy's mind, what might his perception of his father be at that point? How might he have felt after overcoming the pain of the recoil and successfully firing the weapon?

3.. Divide students into groups of three or four to discuss the impact Chesty's...

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