Fortunate Son Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.
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Essay Topic 1

What expectations does Chesty have of Lewis? How does Chesty attempt to instill his values in his son? Does Lewis live up to his father's expectations?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Lewis's relationship with his father. How does Lewis's perception of this father change throughout the years? What impact does the loss of his father have on Lewis's life?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Lewis's life before and after the war. How do Lewis's perceptions about politics, the military, the purpose of life and other personal philosophies change from his college years through the war? How do these perceptions change after his injury?

Essay Topic 4

What drives Lewis? From where does he get his dogged determination to succeed? Describe how Lewis copes with failure when his plans and goals are interrupted.

Essay Topic 5

Describe Toddy's influence on Lewis's life. How does her first pregnancy affect his character? What...

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