Fortunate Son Character Descriptions

Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.
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Lewis Puller, Jr.

This character loses both legs and part of both hands, yet manages to survive and remain active in public life.

Toddy Puller

This character supports a spouse though prolonged hospital stays and a crippling disability.

Lewis Chesty Puller, Sr.

This character is a highly decorated Marine who practically wrote the textbook on wartime strategy.

Staff Sergeant Phil Leslie

This character is the Staff Sergeant of the Second Battalion of the First Marine Regiment of the First Marine Division.

Lieutenant John Zier

This character dies unexpectedly of cancer at a very young age a few years after having overcome the loss of a leg during the war.

Linda Zier

This character is invited to stay with the author's family while a spouse recuperates from injury.

Lieutenant Paul Barents

This character's experience with disability inspires the author.

Kathy Barents

This spouse of a hospital mate soon becomes...

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