Fortunate Son Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.
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Part 1, Chapter 1

• In the summer of 1951, Lewis "Chesty" Puller makes a concerted effort to spend time with his son after returning from his most recent tour of duty.

• Chesty's son, Lewis, Jr., realizes at the age of six that he had a legacy to live up to as an adult.

• Chesty purchases Lewis a .22-caliber single-shot rifle for his sixth birthday, and father and son go rabbit hunting in the hills around Camp Pendleton.

• After the recoil of a 45-caliber pistol blackens Lewis' eyes in 1951, Chesty helps his son squeeze off a shot at the target.

• Lewis frequently observes the war games and field exercises at Camp Pendeleton, then plays his own war games at home with his twin sister, Martha.

• In 1952, Chesty is transferred to the Marine Recruit Depot in San Diego.

• Chesty limits his son's time with the Marines when Lewis begins to adopt some of...

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