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Winston Groom
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who bails Forrest and Sue out of jail in Chapter 23?

2. What is the name of the opponent that Forrest must lose a match to in Chapter 19?

3. How much money will Forrest get if he loses the match in Chapter 19?

4. What does Forrest vow never to do again in Chapter 20?

5. Who is the man who Forrest points out a tactical mistake to at the bus station during his change-over in Nashville?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Jenny feels about Forrest's wrestling career.

2. Recall what happens when Forrest helps the orangutan, Sue, pee in a bottle.

3. Explain what Sam, the guerrilla fighter in New Guinea, advises Forrest and Fritch to do to save their lives from the pygmies.

4. Recall what movie and film star Forrest gets to work with in Chapter 22.

5. In Chapter 13, explain what the crush of acceleration from the space shuttle reminds Forrest of.

6. Describe how Forrest and Lt. Dan reunite in Chapter 17.

7. Describe how Forrest and his fellow astronauts escape the pygmies.

8. Explain what Mr. Tribble does for Forrest before they part ways.

9. Recall what happens when Forrest realizes he is going to lose his first chess game to Sam.

10. Recall how Forrest's wrestling career progresses in Chapter 19.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the affect of football on Forrest's life, exploring the opportunities that come his way and the characters he meets. What opportunities does Forrest gain from football in high school and college? Do people treat him differently once he becomes a football player? How do the professors in college treat football players, and is Forrest given special treatment?

Essay Topic 2

After Forrest gives up professional wrestling he meets Mr. Tribble, a former chess grand master. Analyze the character of Mr. Tribble and his affect on Forrest's life. How did Forrest meet Mr. Tribble? What kind of person is Mr. Tribble? Does Mr. Tribble seem to genuinely like Forrest or is he using him for money?

Essay Topic 3

Several of the prevailing themes in Forrest Gump are prejudices and tolerance. Explore the intertwining themes of prejudices and tolerance. What does being prejudice mean? What are some examples of prejudices in Forrest Gump? What is the definition of tolerance? What are some examples of tolerance from the novel?

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