Forrest Gump Character Descriptions

Winston Groom
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Forrest Gump

This character has an IQ of about 70, and considers himself to be hum-drum; however, this character leads an extraordinary life.

Jenny Curran

This character is the only person to befriend the main character during public school, and later drops out of college and joins the antiwar protest.

Lt. Dan

This character suffers from two punctured lungs, a severed intestine, spinal separation, a missing leg, and third degree burns over half of his body.

Paul (Bear) Bryant

This character is a real person incorporated into the story; a legendary football coach at the University of Alabama.


This character is a football player at the University of Alabama who is sidelined with a broken foot and nowhere to go after the first game.

Mr. Chi

This character is a shrimp vendor in Danang, Vietnam who breeds shrimp in a swamp.

Mr. Claxton

This character is a campaign...

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