Forrest Gump Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Winston Groom
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Chapters 1-2

• Forrest Gump introduces himself as an idiot.

• From literature, Forrest realizes that idiots are smarter than people think.

• Forrest is raised by a protective widowed mother.
• Forrest attends a useless special school for "funny fellers."

• A growth spurt at age 16 gets Forrest recruited for high school football.

• Forrest becomes a halfback and makes the All State Football team.
• Forrest attracts the attention of Coach "Bear" Bryant.

• Forrest goes on a disastrous date with Jenny Curran.

• A judge lets Forrest off the hook but orders him to get out of town.

• Forrest's mama puts him on a bus.

Chapters 3-4

• Forrest begins school at the University of Alabama.

• Forrest rooms in the "Ape Dorm" with crazy Curtis.

• Football practice is grueling and Forrest is homesick.
• Forrest scores four touchdowns in the opening game.

• Forrest isn't invited to the after-game parties.

• Forrest meets Bubba, who lets him play...

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