Forged by Fire Character Descriptions

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Gerald Nickelby

This character is taken away from his mother after he burns down a house.

Monique Sparks

This character is addicted to drugs and abuses her child.

Jordan Sparks

This character is a cruel person and is physically violent with his girlfriend as well as her children.

Queen Marie Antoinette Lincoln

This character is confined to a wheelchair but refuses to feel sorry for herself.

Angel Sparks

This character is a talented dancer and is excited when she lands a role in a recital.

Derryl Washington

This character is an understanding man who goes to the police when he thinks a child might be in danger.

Rob Washington

This character is an excellent basketball player and student who dies in an accident when he is seventeen.

Kiara Washington

This character is the best friend of an abused girl.


This character is always struggling with grades and...

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