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Short Answer Questions

1. Who will Vinnie attend the English National Opera with?

2. What do the Vogelers feel destroyed Britain?

3. For Chuck to visit his ancestral village, Vinnie advises him to travel by what?

4. What did Roo invite Fred to do when they met?

5. What phrase best describes Vinnie's relationship with Edwin Francis?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fred's mother react when her son tells her he plans to marry Roo?

2. Explain Fred's issues with money, mentioned in Chapter 4.

3. Describe Fido.

4. What information does Fred know about Mrs. Harris when guests are questioning him at the party?

5. Describe the game played in Chapter 4 of Posy's version of charades.

6. Why is Fred uncomfortable at dinner?

7. What does Chuck say about tourism in Chapter 3?

8. What causes Vinnie to lose her temper with Chuck at the end of Chapter 5?

9. What is the overall impression of Mrs. Harris' work at the party in Chapter 6?

10. Why does Fred agree to convince Rosemary to hire a housekeeper?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Vinnie becomes frustrated at a symposium, deciding it is wrong to transform children's literature into a scholarly discipline. Describe what she muses should happen to the other guests in the room. How does her fantasy continue when she reads an advertisement for Zimmern's new book?

Essay Topic 2

After making love to Chuck, Vinnie doesn't want her friends to find out. Why would Vinnie become intimate with someone and then want to keep it a secret? What is the worst that could happen if someone found out what they had done? Does Vinnie's desire to keep their relationship secret stem from Chuck's physical appearance or his personality? What does Vinnie try to change about Chuck?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the symbolism between Sir Joshua Reynolds' Cupid as Link Boy and Fred's life. Who does Fred see in the boy? How does this painting remind Fred of his failed relationships?

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