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What does your Fido look like?

Imagine a time you were terribly sad about something. If you could have manifested Fido at that time, what would he have been like?

Write corespondences from Fred and Roo

Write a letter from Fred to Roo from any point in this novel, then write a return letter from Roo.

Write a letter from Vinnie to Atlantic

Vinnie mentally composes a letter to the editor of Atlantic at the beginning of the story. Write a letter that Vinnie may write to that periodical at the end of the story.

What book does your life feel like?

Fred often thinks of his life as a Henry James novel. What story is your life most like?

Pack a tote for a 6 month trip

Vinnie has a tote of books on the plane for her stay in London. If you were going on a six...

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