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Chapter 1

• Virginia "Vinnie" Miner is flying to London to research Play-Rhymes.

• She is accompanied by Fido, an invisible dog that manifests when Vinnie is feeling depressed.
• A Western-attired man sits next to Vinnie.

• He attempts to strike up conversation with Vinnie, even though she is uninterested.
• By the end of the flight, Vinnie gives in and speaks to the man sitting next to her.

• She learns more than she wants to know about Chuck Mumpson.

Chapter 2

• Fred Turner is traveling to London to research a long play by John Gray.
• He and his wife, Roo, are having a trial separation.
• Fred joins his only friends in London for dinner.

• On his way home after dinner, Fred reminisces about meeting Roo.

Chapter 3

• Vinnie meets Edwin Francis, her oldest friend in London, for dinner.

• They gossip about the possibility that Fred connected with Rosemary at Vinnie's party.
• Vinnie runs into...

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