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Elizabeth George
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Short Answer Questions

1. After learning that Elena was pregnant when she died, who does Anthony assume is the baby's father?

2. How many miles did the woman who claims to have seen the murderer run on the morning that Elena was killed?

3. At the time of Elena's murder, how long have Anthony and Justine been married?

4. When Lynley and Havers go to question Gareth Randolph the morning after questioning the professor, where do Lynley and Havers find Gareth?

5. When Lynley and Havers are trying to find connections between the murder victims, whose name comes up?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the professor that Lynley meets at the jazz concert, why was the professor having an affair with Elena?

2. How does Pen discover what had originally been on the destroyed canvas that Glyn Weaver gave to Lynley?

3. After learning that his assumption about the father of Elena's baby is incorrect, what is Anthony Weaver's response?

4. When Sarah tells Anthony why she killed Elena, how does Anthony respond?

5. What type of scholar was the second murder victim?

6. How does Mrs. Havers's caregiver deter Mrs. Havers from leaving the house when Mrs. Havers is insistent?

7. What is a muller?

8. Before collecting several items from Thorsson's bedroom, what does Lynley have Havers do?

9. Why could the professor that Lynley meets at the jazz concert not be the father of Elena's baby?

10. When Lynley sees Anthony's car in Sarah Gordon's driveway, what does Lynley notice on the front seat of Weaver's car?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Adam Jenn and Gareth Randolph.

a. How are the two characters similar in terms of their personal and professional lives?

b. How are the two characters similar in their personality characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses?

c. Looking forward, how might being involved with Elena have affected each of these men as they moved forward with their lives? Would they be similarly affected?

Essay Topic 2

George uses this story to examine the role that truth plays in our daily lives. Examine the author's beliefs through her storytelling. Why would the author choose this story to overlay his demonstration of the consequences realized when the truth is distorted or hidden? What did you learn from the author's discussion on truth? What other avenues, if any, could the author have used to express her beliefs? Would those avenues have been as effective as the story?

Essay Topic 3

Anthony Weaver wears different masks in the story. A professor, a husband, and a liar, Weaver is a study in contradictions. Identify, then compare the different sides of Anthony Weaver. How would the entire plot have been affected if Weaver had not been successful at deceiving those around him, especially Thomas Lynley? Why is it necessary for Weaver to wear different masks?

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