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Elizabeth George
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which room in Sarah Gordon's house is the only room that does not have any wall decorations?

2. According to the conversation between Anthony and Justine that Glyn overhears, where are they telling people that Elena's body will be buried?

3. When Lynley goes to the Weaver residence and the door is answered by Glyn instead of Justine, what does Glyn show to Lynley?

4. When Havers suggests to Lynley to have her reassigned and ask someone else to assist Lynley with the case, who does Havers suggest she talk to in order to pave the way for her replacement?

5. When Barbara returns home and her mother's caregiver tells Barbara that she and Barbara's mother had a "scuffle," what started the scuffle?

Short Essay Questions

1. When questioned by Lynley after leaving the jazz concert, what does the professor admit to?

2. When questioned by Lynley and Havers about the night before Elena died, what does Lennart Thorsson admit to?

3. What type of scholar was the second murder victim?

4. In her house, why does Sarah tell Anthony Weaver that she killed Elena?

5. After learning that his assumption about the father of Elena's baby is incorrect, what is Anthony Weaver's response?

6. How does Mrs. Havers's caregiver deter Mrs. Havers from leaving the house when Mrs. Havers is insistent?

7. Why could the professor that Lynley meets at the jazz concert not be the father of Elena's baby?

8. Describe the second murder victim found in the story.

9. What does Melinda find when she returns home in Chapter 16?

10. Why was Rosalyn jealous of Elena Weaver?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elena Weaver seems to be a woman who was supremely confident in her ability to come out on top. Identify at least three instances from the story that highlight her confidence. How was Elena helped by her utter confidence? How was Elena hurt by her confidence?

Essay Topic 2

While assisting Lynley in the investigation into Elena's murder, Barbara Havers is also dealing with the situation surrounding her mother. Describe the situation that Barbara Havers is dealing with at home, how the situation affects her work, and how the situation affects her worldview. What does Barbara learn from her partner that helps her deal with her home situation?

Essay Topic 3

George uses this story to examine the role that truth plays in our daily lives. Examine the author's beliefs through her storytelling. Why would the author choose this story to overlay his demonstration of the consequences realized when the truth is distorted or hidden? What did you learn from the author's discussion on truth? What other avenues, if any, could the author have used to express her beliefs? Would those avenues have been as effective as the story?

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