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Elizabeth George
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the woman who claims to have seen Elena's murderer, what was the woman wearing when she was seen by the murderer?
(a) Her headband.
(b) Her college sweatshirt.
(c) Her tracksuit.
(d) Her radio.

2. After leaving Thorsson, who do Lynley and Havers meet with at the Cambridge Constabulary to discuss the investigation?
(a) Detective Inspector Sheehan.
(b) Detective Inspector Drake.
(c) Detective Inspector Pleasance.
(d) Detective Inspector Madingley.

3. According to the bicyclist who tells Lynley about the path to Granchester, how far from Crusoe's island is Granchester?
(a) Over three miles.
(b) Under two miles.
(c) Under one mile.
(d) Over two miles.

4. Who is Simon Allcourt-St. James?
(a) A police investigator.
(b) An insurance investigator.
(c) A forensic expert.
(d) A crime lab technician.

5. The night before the second victim's body is found, who did Rosalyn meet with?
(a) Anthony Weaver.
(b) Victor Troughton.
(c) Adam Jenn.
(d) Gareth Randolph.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who approaches Havers and Lynley to provide an alibi for Lennart for the morning when Elena was killed?

2. Which room in Sarah Gordon's house is the only room that does not have any wall decorations?

3. While being questioned by Lynley and Havers, how did Gareth communicate with the police officers?

4. When Barbara returns home and her mother's caregiver tells Barbara that she and Barbara's mother had a "scuffle," what started the scuffle?

5. How does the professor from the jazz concert characterize Elena just before Lynley leaves?

Short Essay Questions

1. While questioning Gareth Randolph, what do both Lynley and Havers notice about Gareth?

2. After taking Gareth Randolph's possessions to the police station, Lynley returns to the Weaver home. Why does Glyn believe Lynley is at the Weaver home?

3. According to the professor that Lynley meets at the jazz concert, why was the professor having an affair with Elena?

4. Why was Rosalyn jealous of Elena Weaver?

5. How does Lynley figure that Sarah Gordon got into Cambridge unseen when she killed Elena Weaver?

6. When questioned by Lynley after leaving the jazz concert, what does the professor admit to?

7. Why could the professor that Lynley meets at the jazz concert not be the father of Elena's baby?

8. What ties the two murder victims together?

9. In her house, why does Sarah tell Anthony Weaver that she killed Elena?

10. According to Gareth Randolph, how did Elena respond when Gareth told her that he loved her?

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