Daily Lessons for Teaching For the Sake of Elena

Elizabeth George
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 6)


As "For the Sake of Elena" opens, the author introduces her readers to the main character, Elena, just as Elena is murdered. The purpose of this lesson is to examine how the author's use of tension pulls the reader into the story.


1. Writing Assignment: Identify at least three situations to this point in the story that are included to heighten the tension felt by the reader. Describe the situation, the characters involved, and the situation's resolution, if applicable. In your opinion, do your identified situations heighten tension?

2. Writing Assignment/Group Discussion: Write a brief journal entry describing the feelings that were evoked when you read the quote on page 4 stating that Elena has just fifteen minutes to live. How did the scene make you feel? Break into groups and compare how each student felt. Based on this discussion, was the author's writing of the moments...

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