For the Sake of Elena Character Descriptions

Elizabeth George
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Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley

This character is a thoughtful and romantic man who cares a great deal for the people in his life.

Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers

This character is the protagonist's long-time partner.

Elena Weaver

This character was never able to maintain a genuine emotional attachment to anyone.

Lady Helen Clyde

This character once refused to marry the protagonist.

Anthony Weaver

This character is a leading candidate for the Penford Chair in History.

Justine Weaver

This character is a successful editor with the University Press.

Glyn Weaver

This character is parent to the murder victim.

Miranda Webberly

This character plays the trumpet and has an affinity for jazz.

Penelope Rodger

This character left a successful career as an art restorer to become a stay-at-home mother.

Gareth Randolph

This character is a deaf student at Cambridge University.

Adam Jenn

This character is graduate assistant at Cambridge.

Sarah Gordon

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