For the Sake of Elena Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth George
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Chapters 1 - 6

• After a late night out, Elena wakes at 6:00 A.M. The woman who was supposed to join Elena on her run never shows up. Elena goes alone.

• During her run, Elena reflects on both the man she was with the night before and her resentment towards her father.

• While jogging, Elena sees two people through the path. As she approaches, one man moves away.

• Tripping over an old coat, Elena loses her balance and falls. When she falls, Elena is attacked and killed.
• Sarah Gordon is at Sheep's Green.

• Having been contemplating suicide, she decides to return to painting.

• Feeling ill, Sarah changes where she is sitting and finds a new perspective from which to sketch the bridge at Fen Causeway.
• The first officer on the scene at Elena's murder is Daniel Sheehan. He is nervous about investigating Elena's murder because his last investigation did not...

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