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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chick learn about this woman that upsets him the most?
(a) She was a grandmother he never met.
(b) She gave his father a son.
(c) She was the reason his father left the family.
(d) She was a sports reporter who could have helped his career.

2. What does Chick consider his best day during his college years?
(a) The day his sister joined him at college.
(b) The day his father walked back into his life.
(c) The day he was scouted by a professional baseball team.
(d) The day he met Catherine.

3. What does Posey insist she and Chick do after supper on their one more day together?
(a) Call Roberta.
(b) Make a third visit.
(c) Have desert.
(d) Walk on the beach.

4. What does Posey tell Chick in a note just after he began college is not a license to be mean to girls?
(a) His intelligence.
(b) His athletic ability.
(c) His financial status.
(d) His handsomness.

5. Over dinner, what does Chick request his mother tell him about?
(a) Miss Thelma's family.
(b) Her family.
(c) Roberta's family.
(d) His father's family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Posey lose her job at the hospital?

2. What does Chick say about this person his mother brags about while doing Rose's hair?

3. In a note written to Chick on his wedding day, what does Posey say she knows Chick thinks of the notes?

4. What news does Rose mention she hear on the radio shortly before Posey and Chick come to visit?

5. What does Posey stress to Chick as being the most important thing in his life while he is college?

Short Essay Questions

1. What metaphor did Posey often use for the death of her patients when she was a nurse?

2. What does Chick admit embarrassed him about his mother as a child?

3. What does Chick claim he does not want to be?

4. What does Miss Thelma claim will keep her memory alive for years to come?

5. Whose voice does Chick hear as he goes to open the door at his mother's house in Section 3, Part 1?

6. What did Marie write in the memory book at her grandmother's funeral?

7. What does Chick hear when he answers the phone at Rose's house?

8. Why does Chick suspect he is suffering from temporary insanity?

9. What explanation does Posey give to Chick about how people are dying call her to their sides?

10. What do Posey and Chick talk about over dinner?

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