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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Posey tell her children when they would ask about patients she cared for who had died?
(a) That they were in a better place.
(b) That they no longer felt pain.
(c) That they no longer needed her care.
(d) That they went home.

2. Why does Posey tell Chick in Section 3: Part 2 that she did not want to ask for money from his father?
(a) She was too proud.
(b) She did not need money.
(c) She did not need any more from him.
(d) He did not have it.

3. What does Posey say to Chick when he asks why she never remarried after her divorce?
(a) Posey said she never met another man who could make her as happy as Len Benetto.
(b) Posey said she did not want to change the family dynammic by brining in a stepfather.
(c) Posey said she was happy with her kids and her grandchildren. Life goes by too fast.
(d) Posey said she never found a man the children would approve of.

4. After a night in which Posey thought she heard an intruder in the night, why does Chick say he will be angry with his mother until he leaves that house?
(a) He believes his father tried to come home and she sent him away.
(b) He believes his mother made up the story of an intruder to hide a boyfriend.
(c) He believes it was his mother's fault they were all placed in that danger.
(d) He believes his mother did not protect him well enough.

5. What did this caller in Section 4: Part 1 want from Chick?
(a) To give Posey a message.
(b) To sell him insurance.
(c) To offer him a job.
(d) To play in an old-timers ball game.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Chick believe his father stopped coming around after he quit baseball?

2. What does Chick notice as he, his mother, and Miss Thelma drive through town?

3. What three things did Posey once tell Chick he needed to be successful?

4. How does Chick Benetto feel that he lost his father?

5. What does the caller say when Chick answers the phone at Rose's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Chick hears the strange voice once again?

2. What did Posey often do for some of the patients in the hospital where she worked as a nurse?

3. What do Posey and Chick talk about over dinner?

4. What are the two days at college Chick shares with the reader?

5. What does Miss Thelma claim will keep her memory alive for years to come?

6. Who encouraged Chick to drop out of college?

7. Why does Posey suggest Len got involved with this second woman while he was in the war, even though he was already engaged to Posey?

8. What do they call a short stay in professional baseball?

9. Why does Chick suspect he is suffering from temporary insanity?

10. Who gave Chick his nickname?

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