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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator claim to have spent part of her career doing?
(a) Writing ghost stories.
(b) Writing romances.
(c) Writing about sports.
(d) Writing mysteries.

2. What question does Posey ask Chick that causes him to insist that her being in the kitchen eight years after her death is impossible?
(a) Is he ill.
(b) Is he dead.
(c) Is Catherine joining them.
(d) Can he stay all day.

3. Why did the narrator come to Pepperville Beach?
(a) To bury a relative.
(b) To visit a relative.
(c) To buy a house.
(d) To close on a house that had been in the family for years.

4. What does Chick think about his visit to his mother two years after her death?
(a) Chick begins to question his perceptions.
(b) Chick believes he has died.
(c) Chick believes he is having an alcohol induced hallucination.
(d) Chick does not question it at all.

5. What musical object does Chick compare small towns to?
(a) Metronome.
(b) Piano key.
(c) Violin string.
(d) Clarinet reed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Posey create out of toilet paper for Chick's Halloween costume when he is six?

2. Who told Chick he could only be a momma's boy or a daddy's boy, not both?

3. What did Chick and his sister use to carve their initials into their mother's kitchen table?

4. How late for work was Chick on the Monday morning after receiving the evidence of the family event he missed?

5. What does Chick Benetto blame for the destruction of his marriage?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Chick have a problem with how his mother would leave him at school?

2. What happens on the way to Chick's hometown?

3. What draws Chick's attention to the table top in his mother's kitchen as his mother treats his wounds?

4. What one thing does Chick recall always made his parents happy?

5. To whose wedding is Chick Benetto not invited?

6. What causes Chick's mother to stop playing her favorite record?

7. Why did Posey refer to Chick as a Daddy's boy?

8. Who does Chick see when he jumps from the water tower?

9. What event caused Chick Benetto to lose faith in himself?

10. What phrase does Chick feel describes him completely?

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