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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Posey say a child who is embarrassed by is mother is?
(a) A child who is selfish.
(b) A child who needs a good spanking.
(c) A child who has not lived long enough.
(d) A child who needs a lesson in virtue.

2. Why did Posey lose her job at the hospital?
(a) She complained about a doctor's inappropriate behavior.
(b) She was late too often.
(c) She was not a good nurse.
(d) She distracted the patients.

3. What did this caller in Section 4: Part 1 want from Chick?
(a) To give Posey a message.
(b) To play in an old-timers ball game.
(c) To offer him a job.
(d) To sell him insurance.

4. What three things did Posey once tell Chick he needed to be successful?
(a) Intelligence, hard work, and good support.
(b) Hard work, good money, and intelligence.
(c) Good support, lots of money, and love.
(d) Belief, hard work, and love.

5. How does Chick come to accept the events taking place after he jumped from the water tower?
(a) He decides it is a hallucination and he should go with it.
(b) He thinks he is dead.
(c) He called it temporary insanity.
(d) He thought he had jumped through a time warp.

6. Who does Posey brag about as she works on Rose's hair?
(a) Marie, her granddaughter.
(b) Roberta, her daughter.
(c) Chick, her son.
(d) Catherine, her daughter-in-law.

7. What is the final thing Posey tells Chick he must love in order to make a marriage work?
(a) Himself.
(b) His wife.
(c) His children.
(d) The marriage itself.

8. Who is the Italian woman that Posey and Chick go to visit last?
(a) Len Benetto's wife.
(b) Len Benetto's sister.
(c) Len Benetto's cousin.
(d) Len Benetto's mother.

9. After a night in which Posey thought she heard an intruder in the night, why does Chick say he will be angry with his mother until he leaves that house?
(a) He believes his mother made up the story of an intruder to hide a boyfriend.
(b) He believes his mother did not protect him well enough.
(c) He believes it was his mother's fault they were all placed in that danger.
(d) He believes his father tried to come home and she sent him away.

10. From what team is the scout Chick meets after a game one day during college?
(a) Texas Rangers.
(b) Pittsburg Pirates.
(c) St. Louis Cardinals.
(d) Chicago White Socks.

11. What does Chick's mother wear the day she drives him to his first day of college?
(a) A business suit.
(b) A nursing uniform.
(c) A purple pantsuit.
(d) A modest dress.

12. What does Posey insist she and Chick do after supper on their one more day together?
(a) Make a third visit.
(b) Call Roberta.
(c) Have desert.
(d) Walk on the beach.

13. What is a short stay in baseball called?
(a) A glass of milk.
(b) A cup of tea.
(c) A cup of coffee.
(d) A glass of tequilla.

14. What does Posey tell Chick when he confesses his guilt to her on their one more day together?
(a) That he deserves what he gets.
(b) That all is forgiven and he should forgive himself.
(c) That she is angry with him for not being there with her.
(d) That children should not have to choose between parents.

15. When Chick's father asks to drive him home from a college baseball game, what does he do that causes Chick to feel all is right with the world?
(a) Shows respect for the coach.
(b) Offers to pay for a new glove.
(c) Explains his decision for not seeing Chick throughout his childhood.
(d) Apologizes for leaving the family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Chick lie to his family about a trip out of town on his mother's birthday?

2. Who taught Chick how to shave?

3. What happens when Miss Thelma's grandchildren come into her bedroom?

4. What is the one thing Len Benetto ever said about Posey to Chick?

5. What does Chick notice as he, his mother, and Miss Thelma drive through town?

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