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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What one thing would Chick change about the day his mother died?
(a) That she died alone.
(b) That Maria found her.
(c) He could have saved her.
(d) That he was not there.

2. What does Chick consider the worst day of his college career?
(a) The day his father stopped coming to his games.
(b) The day his sister dropped out.
(c) The day he flunked out.
(d) The day he dropped out to become a professional ball player.

3. From what team is the scout Chick meets after a game one day during college?
(a) Texas Rangers.
(b) Chicago White Socks.
(c) St. Louis Cardinals.
(d) Pittsburg Pirates.

4. Why did Miss Thelma call Chick chickadoodle-do?
(a) He often walked all over people.
(b) He often screamed for people from the backyard.
(c) He looked like a rooster.
(d) He had a stutter that made he talk strangely.

5. How did Catherine react two weeks after Posey's death to Chick's confession regarding the fake business trip?
(a) That he should go back and leave them alone.
(b) It no longer mattered.
(c) That he deserved to feel guilty.
(d) That he should have told her the truth to begin with.

6. What news does Rose mention she hear on the radio shortly before Posey and Chick come to visit?
(a) The president was shot.
(b) Someone jumped from the water tower.
(c) There was an accident on the highway.
(d) A bank had been robbed.

7. Why would Chick pick up Roberta after school every day shortly after the divorce?
(a) Posey was just too embarrassing.
(b) Roberta insisted.
(c) It was more convenient for him to do it.
(d) Their mother was working.

8. What does Chick say when his mother asks about his wife, Catherine?
(a) Nothing.
(b) He lies, saying she is sick.
(c) He lies, saying they are still together.
(d) They split up.

9. Over dinner, what does Chick request his mother tell him about?
(a) His father's family.
(b) Roberta's family.
(c) Miss Thelma's family.
(d) Her family.

10. What does Chick notice as he, his mother, and Miss Thelma drive through town?
(a) There are no people out and about.
(b) He does not know any of the people they see, young or old.
(c) Old people are everywhere and they all seem to know his mother.
(d) The town has changed since he last visited.

11. Why can Posey not find another nursing job?
(a) She no longer felt she could work the hours required.
(b) She was blacklisted by her previous employer.
(c) She no longer liked the work.
(d) There was only one hospital in the county.

12. What is the final thing Posey tells Chick he must love in order to make a marriage work?
(a) The marriage itself.
(b) Himself.
(c) His children.
(d) His wife.

13. What does Chick say about this person his mother brags about while doing Rose's hair?
(a) He is a drunk and a loser.
(b) She is ashamed of him.
(c) She is not as great as his mother recalls.
(d) She no longer wants to be a part of his life.

14. Who suddenly shows up at one of Chick's college baseball games, causing him to fight back emotion?
(a) His sister.
(b) His mother.
(c) Miss Thelma.
(d) His father.

15. How does Chick come to accept the events taking place after he jumped from the water tower?
(a) He decides it is a hallucination and he should go with it.
(b) He thinks he is dead.
(c) He called it temporary insanity.
(d) He thought he had jumped through a time warp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chick learn about his mother on his fake business trip that makes him regret leaving?

2. Why did Posey lose her job at the hospital?

3. What three things did Posey once tell Chick he needed to be successful?

4. Who taught Chick how to shave?

5. What does Chick consider his best day during his college years?

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