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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Catherine react two weeks after Posey's death to Chick's confession regarding the fake business trip?
(a) It no longer mattered.
(b) That he deserved to feel guilty.
(c) That he should have told her the truth to begin with.
(d) That he should go back and leave them alone.

2. What does Posey tell Chick in a note just after he began college is not a license to be mean to girls?
(a) His handsomness.
(b) His athletic ability.
(c) His intelligence.
(d) His financial status.

3. What is a short stay in baseball called?
(a) A cup of coffee.
(b) A cup of tea.
(c) A glass of milk.
(d) A glass of tequilla.

4. What request did Posey make for her own funeral after seeing the custom at Jewish funerals?
(a) That the mourners throw roses on her coffin.
(b) That the mourners throw shovels full of dirt on her coffin.
(c) That the mourners step on a peice of glass before her coffin.
(d) That the mourners bury her before sundown ont he day she died.

5. What does Chick notice as he, his mother, and Miss Thelma drive through town?
(a) Old people are everywhere and they all seem to know his mother.
(b) He does not know any of the people they see, young or old.
(c) The town has changed since he last visited.
(d) There are no people out and about.

6. What does Chick say is the best thing that ever happened to him in his career?
(a) He was made salesman of the year.
(b) He played in the Super Bowl.
(c) He played in the World Series.
(d) He played in the All-Star game.

7. What did this caller in Section 4: Part 1 want from Chick?
(a) To sell him insurance.
(b) To offer him a job.
(c) To give Posey a message.
(d) To play in an old-timers ball game.

8. Why does Chick admit he continued to play baseball all through his childhood?
(a) He hoped it would mean a way out of his mother's house.
(b) He hoped it would teach him the values his father should have taught him.
(c) He hoped it would help him become rich and famous.
(d) He hoped it would bring his father back into his life.

9. What happens when Miss Thelma's grandchildren come into her bedroom?
(a) They cannot see Miss Thelma.
(b) They can only see Chick.
(c) They can only see Posey.
(d) They cannot see Chick and Posey.

10. Who does Chick claim was a ghost throughout his childhood?
(a) His sister.
(b) His father.
(c) His grandfather.
(d) His mother.

11. Who does Posey brag about as she works on Rose's hair?
(a) Catherine, her daughter-in-law.
(b) Marie, her granddaughter.
(c) Roberta, her daughter.
(d) Chick, her son.

12. What does Chick not want to be, what frightens him about his death?
(a) That he will be remembered as the man who alienated his child.
(b) That he will be remembered as ordinary.
(c) That he will be remembered as a failure.
(d) That he will be remembered as a drunk.

13. What does Posey tell Chick about how she happens to visit people who are dying?
(a) God tells her who to visit.
(b) Posey is called to people she offended in life to make amends as they die.
(c) They think of her and that calls her to their sides.
(d) Posey is a sort of guardian angel who goes to help people make the transition to death easier.

14. What does Posey say a child who is embarrassed by is mother is?
(a) A child who needs a good spanking.
(b) A child who needs a lesson in virtue.
(c) A child who has not lived long enough.
(d) A child who is selfish.

15. What voice does Chick hear as he goes to answer the door in his mother's house after their visit to Rose?
(a) A ghost calling to his mother.
(b) An old friend from his childhood.
(c) A man claiming to be a police officer.
(d) A bill collector at the door.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Posey come to find out about the Italian woman?

2. What profession did Chick get into after baseball?

3. What does the caller say when Chick answers the phone at Rose's house?

4. How much longer after this injury did Chick continue to play baseball professionally?

5. What is the one thing Len Benetto ever said about Posey to Chick?

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