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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During a night of heavy drinking, where does Chick decide to go?
(a) Boston, his wife's hometown.
(b) Los Angeles, his sister's home.
(c) Pepperville Beach, his hometown.
(d) New York, his daughter's home.

2. What sport does the narrator claim the main character once played?
(a) Football.
(b) Hockey.
(c) Basketball.
(d) Baseball.

3. What does Posey say when Chick tells her she died?
(a) It was just a bad dream.
(b) He has a wild imgination.
(c) It was a mistake.
(d) He makes too much of things.

4. Who does Chick find looking at him as he recovers from his jump in section 1?
(a) His sister.
(b) His father.
(c) His daughter.
(d) His mother.

5. Why did Chick Benetto once wish his mother would leave him alone?
(a) She was full of too much bad advice.
(b) She was too critical.
(c) She was smothering him.
(d) She was rude and unkind.

6. Why did Len Benetto often spend long chunks of time away from his family?
(a) To help reduce the friction at home.
(b) To spend time with his friends.
(c) To spend time with his biological family.
(d) To visit with liquor distributors and to manage his new store in a town an hour away.

7. Who does Chick call after sneaking out of work in Section 1?
(a) His ex-wife, Catherine.
(b) His father, Len.
(c) His mother, Posey.
(d) His daughter, Marie.

8. What one thing did Chick notice his parents did together that seemed to make them both happy?
(a) Drink.
(b) Dance.
(c) Party.
(d) Sing.

9. What does Chick feel is unbalanced in the lists he made regarding his and his mother's love for one another?
(a) Chick feels his mother did not stand up enough for him.
(b) Chick feels there is no unbalance.
(c) Chick feels he let both his parents down.
(d) Chick feels he did not stand up enough for his mother.

10. What did Chick and his sister use to carve their initials into their mother's kitchen table?
(a) Razor blades.
(b) Pocket knives.
(c) Switchblades.
(d) Steak knives.

11. Why does Chick recall that his mother barked at a neighborhood dog?
(a) To teach him that you have to show a bully whose boss.
(b) To teach the dog not to mess with people.
(c) To make him laugh.
(d) To make his sister laugh.

12. Who brings food to Chick with instructions that he take it home to his family shortly after his parents' divorce?
(a) A couple of nuns.
(b) A priest.
(c) A neighbor.
(d) A local teacher.

13. What kind of story does the narrator suggest this novel is?
(a) A mystery.
(b) A romance.
(c) A ghost story.
(d) A family drama.

14. How did Roberta hide the carvings she and Chick made in their mother's kitchen table when their mother returned from work?
(a) A gallon of milk.
(b) A gallon of ice cream.
(c) A gallon of koolaide.
(d) A gallon of apple juice.

15. What does Chick stop at a convenience store to buy in Section 1?
(a) Beer.
(b) Whiskey.
(c) Wine.
(d) Soda pop.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word does Posey show Chick carved into the tree?

2. Why did the narrator come to Pepperville Beach?

3. How did Len Benetto propose to Posey?

4. What does Posey remind Chick to do as he eats?

5. How late for work was Chick on the Monday morning after receiving the evidence of the family event he missed?

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