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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 4: Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did chick always think was important to a person's memory?
(a) The woman he married.
(b) His surname.
(c) The children he left behind.
(d) The caliber of profession that followed his name.

2. What question does the narrator pose at the end of the Introduction?
(a) What if you got one day back with a dead loved one.
(b) What if you got one day to be whoever you want.
(c) What if you got one day with a lost love.
(d) What if you got one day to repair all your mistakes.

3. Why does Chick say his hometown is called Pepperville Beach?
(a) Someone dreamed of creating a beach there, but never got around to it.
(b) It is a play on words regarding a nearby business.
(c) Some entrepreneur brought sand to the area to create a beach at the lake.
(d) It is a joke among the locals.

4. What does Posey tell Chick he has to do now that the day is over?
(a) Die.
(b) Live.
(c) Return to make amends with his wife and daughter.
(d) Go speak to God.

5. When Chick's father asks to drive him home from a college baseball game, what does he do that causes Chick to feel all is right with the world?
(a) Apologizes for leaving the family.
(b) Shows respect for the coach.
(c) Explains his decision for not seeing Chick throughout his childhood.
(d) Offers to pay for a new glove.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Posey say when Chick tells her she died?

2. Why did the narrator come to Pepperville Beach?

3. What one thing did Chick notice his parents did together that seemed to make them both happy?

4. What happens when Miss Thelma's grandchildren come into her bedroom?

5. Why did Miss Thelma call Chick chickadoodle-do?

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