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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 4: Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Posey say to Chick when he asks why she never remarried after her divorce?
(a) Posey said she never found a man the children would approve of.
(b) Posey said she never met another man who could make her as happy as Len Benetto.
(c) Posey said she was happy with her kids and her grandchildren. Life goes by too fast.
(d) Posey said she did not want to change the family dynammic by brining in a stepfather.

2. What question does the narrator pose at the end of the Introduction?
(a) What if you got one day to repair all your mistakes.
(b) What if you got one day with a lost love.
(c) What if you got one day back with a dead loved one.
(d) What if you got one day to be whoever you want.

3. What does Chick notice his car ran into and is now stopped underneath?
(a) A school bus.
(b) A billboard for a new breakfast cereal.
(c) A billboard for a Chevrolet dealership.
(d) A truck.

4. What injury did Chick suffer during spring training while playing professional baseball?
(a) A broken arm.
(b) A broken leg.
(c) An elbow injury.
(d) A knee injury.

5. What did Chick and his sister use to carve their initials into their mother's kitchen table?
(a) Pocket knives.
(b) Steak knives.
(c) Razor blades.
(d) Switchblades.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who suddenly shows up at one of Chick's college baseball games, causing him to fight back emotion?

2. How did Posey often spend holidays after the divorce?

3. Who did Chick one day catch using binoculars to stare in his mother's bedroom windows shortly after the divorce?

4. Why did Posey choose a tree to place her prayer in?

5. Why does Chick admit he continued to play baseball all through his childhood?

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