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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 2: Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What phrase does Chick feel fits him well?
(a) Poor truant, passionate fool.
(b) Life is a beach.
(c) Blundering back to God.
(d) Tiime will tell.

2. When did Posey stop listening to her favorite song?
(a) When it lost its popularity.
(b) When her husband left her.
(c) When the children made fun of her tastes.
(d) When a new song caughter her attention.

3. What does Posey remind Chick to do as he eats?
(a) Eat less.
(b) Eat more.
(c) Eat faster.
(d) Eat slower.

4. What does Chick think about his visit to his mother two years after her death?
(a) Chick believes he is having an alcohol induced hallucination.
(b) Chick believes he has died.
(c) Chick begins to question his perceptions.
(d) Chick does not question it at all.

5. Why does Chick claim he did not check on the driver of the truck involved in his accident?
(a) He did not want to be arrested for drunk driving.
(b) He did not have the courage.
(c) He could see the driver was fine.
(d) He could see the driver was already out of the car and calling the police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Chick call after sneaking out of work in Section 1?

2. What was it that Chick insists his father always had in mind?

3. What does Chick feel is unbalanced in the lists he made regarding his and his mother's love for one another?

4. What profession does the narrator regret telling he/she currently work as?

5. Where did Posey met Len Benetto?

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