For One More Day Character Descriptions

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The Narrator / Maria

This person narrates the novel. This character is the child of a self-destructive person. This character is watchful and sensitive, portrayed as a person traumatized by a parent's behaviors and the death of someone close to this person.

Chick Benetto

This character is a self-destructive adult who grew up caught between love for the mother and a need to have the father's approval. This character lives with a great deal of guilt and remorse due to this struggle between parents.

Posey Benetto

This person is a strong willed, self-sacrificing person, willing to do whatever it takes to raise two children.

Chick's Father (Leonard or Len)

This person is self-absorbed and irresponsible. This person uses baseball to connect with a child and ultimately allows this connection to be severed.


This person is the sister of the main character. This character is not well defined, but...

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