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• The narrator introduces the main character, Chick Benetto.

• Chick is described as a one time professional baseball player.

• At one time, Chick attempted to kill himself.
• Chick was raised by a woman described as wild. Her name is Posey.
• The book's main theme will deal with the death of a loved one and a person's desire to speak to that loved one one more time.

Section 1

• Chick's mother has been dead for two years, during which time Chick feels his life has deteriorated.

• Chick recieves a picture from his daughter's wedding and realized he was not invited to the wedding.

• Chick begins to drink heavily and becomes irresponsible in regards to his time spent at work.
• Chick calls his ex-wife and argues with her, implying he intends to commit suicide at the end of the conversation.

• Chick buys beer and begins driving to his childhood hometown.

• Chick...

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