Follow the River Fun Activities

James Alexander Thom
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Get into Character!

Using butcher paper, select one of the major characters from Follow the River. Draw the character life sized. Add six important characteristics of the characters in the drawing. For example, you could draw a strong heart (in Mary's case) or growling stomach (in Ghetel's case).

Poem Power

Write a poem as one of the characters in Follow the River. The poem can be written from any point in the storyline and from any character. Be sure to use the right dialect and leave out words, slang, or modern language. Remember, you're the character from the 1700s.

StoryBoard Bang

Using poster board, highlight the major scenes from Follow the River in an eight panel storyboard drawing. Be sure your illustrations are consistent and your dialogue is clear. Pictures should be large enough to be seen by the entire class. Be prepared to present your storyboard.

Group Performance

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